Can Kafeel ban or blacklist expatriate with Final Exit?

People come up with this question several times that their Kafeel is threatening them to ban or blacklist for several years if they ask for the final exit. Several queries on single subject urged me to write this post to clarify the legal point of view in this regard. Before going into the detail of banning an expatriate or blacklist him I want to clarify that asking for final exit is your basic employment right while working in a foreign country. Saudi Labor Law allows an expatriate to ask for a final exit if he has completed his contract. An expatriate can ask for the final exit even before completion of contract with some penalties. I have explained the Saudi Labor Law regarding contracts in very detail in this article “Fixed Term and Indefinite Contracts”.

After completion of your contract, you have every right to ask for the final exit from your employer. The Do’s and Don’ts of Final Exit have already been explained in this article. “Do’s and Don’ts of Final Exit”.  If your employer threatens you to ban or blacklist you if you ask for final exit, don’t even care for that if you have not committed any fraudulent activity in Saudi Arabia. You should be aware that a Kafeel does not have any power to ban or blacklist a person in Saudi Arabia. The power to blacklist a person lies only with the Ministry of Interior. However, you must not sign any letter from Kafeel in any language unless you fully understand it. Do not trust on the translation of Kafeel. Ask someone whom you know to do the translation for you. It is possible only if you sign yourself that you will not be entering to KSA or something like that. Kafeel can fraudulently ask you to sign something.

Even if an employer wants to ban or blacklist an employee from re-entering to Saudi Arabia, he should prove it in front of Ministry of Interior that employee has done something substantially wrong. If Ministry of Interior is satisfied with his claim (and they are not satisfied unless a solid proof is presented to them), an expatriate can be banned or blacklisted from entering to Saudi Arabia.

What can be the solid proof in this regard? A proof that employee has committed fraud or an employee went to exit re-entry visa and never came back, or an employee who has signed a contract with the employer restricting himself to not to work in Saudi Arabia for X number of years after final exit can be suitable evidence.

  • Ali

    Dear Mr Steve I already signed the paper that I will not come in next year in ksa but I came at that year in ksa so if kafeel knows about me he can do anything with me or not.

  • Shaid

    Brother steve can i know where i fine article. we have same case with broder mohammed jameer.

  • Mary Grapa

    hi..i am here at saudia now..i am torn in an issue but i dont know if its a big crime r not.. i am a nurse here..and after how many months..a doctor working also here ask my khafeel if he can marry me..the khafeel did not allowed..and he deducted my salary..and his salary also..knowin that i did not do anything wrong..he is the one who ask for the administation told me that i did not folow rules so they will send me for demission and will blacklist me? i need an advice please..
    thank you

  • Pring Gles

    Hi steve, i have this experience that my kafeel is forcing me to sign “undertaking/commitment” which mean that my kafeel is banning me to comeback to any related co. Inside ksa for 2 years after i resigned from my work although i had finished my contract And planned not to continue/renew my contract. My case is still in the saudi labor office for almost 2 months and no progress at all up to now at the presence of hajj. Many times i approach my kafeel humbly for my final exit, but i failed. Thanks if can you help me with your most valuable advise.

  • raji.s

    my name raji from can I tell my story..
    my kafeel did nt have 6month salery.
    I had complaint labour court but there no responce.. finally asking kafeel want money and get final exit.
    I dnt have money. He didn’t have final exit paper and passport.and Now finish 7month my iquma and final exit. Police catch to go took finger prints extra.finally say go out leave me. I volunteered to go 2times police catch…
    how can I go India? and what’s my problem in saud?..Please help me what can I do?

  • Mikka Yamanobe

    Good day,
    I am mikka I need your opinion and advice. I am a hospital cleaners here in Doma Al Jandal Al Jouf Saudi Arabia. I already finish my two years contract and I want to go home in my country but my employer did not want me to go because he wants me to extend one more year. I already ask help to my embassy and nothing happened all are just mere promises. I decided to file a complaint to the Saudi labor office. With the help of a good kabayan here I reach Saudi labor office last September 27,2016. When my employer knows about it his subordinates/representative threaten us that they already call the police and anytime they can take us and send us to jail. On Thursday September 29,2016 my supervisor hand me a letter stating that I am suspended from work and they restrain me from going out of our accomodation. Even my cargo that I want to send to the Philippines they did not allow to be sent. This coming tuesday october4,2016 i have an appointment for settlement to the saudi labor office. i want to know my rights and how i can legally go to the saudi labor office.

  • mal

    good day..
    my employer doesn’t want me go exit after my contract will end because we are under staff, do i have right to complain because i really need to go home.

  • Sulthan

    I just want to ask you. Did you make contract with your kafeel? If not have u given 1 mont notice period before your resignation?

  • michael

    hi steve happy new year more power.
    i just want to ask the meaning of final exit in riyadh? it is means expat can never come again in ksa beacouse issue visa is final? or it means expat is clean and no problem to entry again in ksa?

    my case is run away,. but not detain in jail deportation i ask help to philippine polo riyadh to fix my papers to go back to my own country and i pay my employer also. but they not give my passport employer said its already not in hand the passport they surrender already in police in that case philippine embassy riyadh issue me travel documents only one paper in my hand use to travel from riyadh airport to philippine and i buy also my own tiket is connecting fligt and i have many boxes with me in my travel..

    i been work in riyadh since 2012 and exit in 2013. and now 2017 i am now 4 years outside of ksa. im here now bahrain, and planing again to work in riyadh ksa this year.

    but i am worried steve
    you mention that old iqama number status can check online and i did that the result is
    WHAT IS THAT MEANS STEVE please let me know. buy the way may papers process tru jawasat scan my finger and take picture or eye scan im not sure if eye scan or picture only. happy new year more power

  • Abdulla A. Zaidi

    I got final exit and my iqama expired too and i ddnt go and my final visa expired now my company is in red so whats the procedure to take nakal kafala ?

  • Atif

    Mr. Steve,
    Good afternoon!! I resigned from my company after 6 months of coming in saudi, company accepted my resignation and asked me to continue for 30 days, but after 20 days of my resignation they said we are not going to accept my resignation so complete your contract.

    I put my case for final exit in labor court with the pictures of accepted resignation copy. my case is still going on in labor court, but my iqama finished 25 days ago and my sponsor did not renewed the iqama.

    Is it possible that i can transfer my iqama with another sponsor while my case is also under hearing in labor court.

    My next hearing in court is after 40 days now. and my iqama finished 25 days ago.

    Please i need your expert advise on this matter.


  • Omer bashir

    Hello Mr Steve and Everyone , I am currently working in saudi Arabia and want to leave this country as soon as possible, my iqama is getting expired in this Amnesty period ,
    But I am confused as I have already Sued my Sponsor in Labour Court .I can leave through Amnesty but what if they stop me at airport while taking my fingerprints ? Will they know that I have a case in court or not?
    Plz tell me can I go or I need to find any other option
    Thank you

  • Marvin Macoy

    Ministry of Interior normally believes on kafeel. I have many experiences on this matter especially the kafeel has good relationship with captain of Ministry of Interior. He complained against you even though it’s not true. Since Muslim don’t lie the police is going to believe to this ruthless kafeel. You will be jail until further notice until you give up and mermerize. Many kafeel are mafih malung with the human rights and so the Ministry. Don’t believe on what the guy is telling you here.

  • Sikkandhar Mhmd

    Hi Mr. Steve,
    Good day !!!
    Actually i had locally trasferd to one kafeel. In my bad situation with low salary and without lagal agreement between employees and employer past 8 month ago. So that was my second transfer he had paid all expese and my iqama renewal came he renewed and he told you have to pay for iqama i will keep as you have to pay. For insurance i had paid. Actually with gid grace i got one good job . So i told him i need release he said this much i had paid for you you pay that i will give you transfer. Mean while you can stop work and you continue in new company he said.Still not transfered i had join in new company 2 days back. Now he is tellibg he cant give transfer if i dont come within 3 days to office he will give groob he said.
    What i can do in this situation kindly update me sir.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Eitan Quibul De Jesus

    Hi everyone my employer final exit policy is to be blacklisted my name for the next 5 years what can I do please help..

  • Eitan Quibul De Jesus

    Hi employer final exit condition is to be blacklisted my name for the next 5 years what can I do please help I cannot go to exit unless im not signing that agreement. .

  • sameer

    I have an issue with my kafeel he is paying my salary buyhand now he is making my salary less i denied that now he make me final exit on system and asked me to sign on exit pappers i don’t want to lost my money I already paid lots of for azad visa . Can I file a case against my kafeel on labour what’s the procedure. Please help me urgently

  • Ade Parsonage

    You are a joke

  • Gutierrez A Joseph Anthony

    In just want to ask sir if it’s legal to stop work when your contact is finished

  • Gutierrez A Joseph Anthony

    Gud day sir.
    I’m working in a hotel as a reception driver and I finish my contract last nov 26 then I stop working.3 months before I give my exit letter to the office .but untill now every time I go to office they will said that not finished no ticket also my compony did not give my right salary in my contract is 1500 but they give me 900 sar for 2 yrs .pls help me sir I just want to back to my country.thanks.