Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia

In my previous article, I have discussed the matters one should consider in deciding the childbirth in Saudi Arabia. Now, we will be talking about the steps you need to take after child’s birth in Saudi Arabia. Paperwork starts as soon as a child gets birth. This article discusses the procedure you need to adopt if a child is born inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, if the child is born outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a separate procedure to add him under your Iqama. This procedure is explained in this article.

First, you should apply for the Birth Certificate of the newly born child in Saudi Arabia. The procedure to get a birth certificate for the newly born child has been explained in this link. Recommended: Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Next step is to get a passport from your home country’s embassy. In most of the countries, you should apply for a national identity card to get the passport.

Before visiting Embassy, make sure that Birth Certificate issued by Civil Affairs is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA, Saudi Arabia

You may also need to get it translated and attested by your Embassy (the requirement varies from Embassy to Embassy) Recommended: Procedure to Apply for the Pakistani Passport of Newly Born Child in Saudi Arabia

You need to take an online appointment with Jawazat. Right now, the online appointment is not needed for Makkah region. But I would recommend you to try to apply for online appointment of Jawazat for your region. You never know when they change the procedure. Recommended: Procedure to Book an Appointment with Jawazat for the issuance of Iqama of Newly Born Baby

You need to pay the dependent’s fee for the newly born child now. If the dependent was born on or before July 01, 2017, the dependent’s fee will be calculated from July 01, 2017 till your Iqama expiry date. If the dependent is born after July 01, 2017, the fee will be calculated from the data of birth till iqama expiry date. You can read calculation of dependent’s fee for further details. Recommended: Procedure to Pay Dependent’s Fee for Newly Born Child

You need to fill a form to add your child as your dependent. I have attached the form below. You can download it from the below link. If you don’t want to fill it yourself, agents sitting in front of Jawazat building will fill it for you for only SR 10. Recommended: Download “Iqama Form” for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office)

After you receive your baby’s passport now it’s time to get baby’s Iqama. To get baby’s iqama by yourself you need the following documents;

  • Original passport of your newly born baby
  • 2 photos of your baby make sure at least one picture of your baby must be attached on baby’s filled iqama form.
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Copy of your wife’s passport
  • Copy of your Iqama
  • Copy of your wife’s Iqama
  • Copy of Birth Certificate

If you are applying for Iqama after 12 months of the birth of your child, you should pay a fine of SR 1,000 through SADAD.

Jeddah Jawazat: In Jeddah, you should go to the passport office located in Rehab. Once you enter in Jawazat gate don’t go in the main building, take your left and then right by the side of the building, you will see a big board with red arrow on the top, go to left it is a big corridor, go straight you will see different doors on your right, enter from Second last door there you’ll see counter from 1-9, counter Number 6-7 is for Adding newborn inside Kingdom and counter number 8 is for Newborn Outside the Kingdom.

Riyadh JawazatOnce inside the building (for me this was Jawazat in Riyadh and the building that you need to go to is which is separate from the main building at the back on the left) go to the manager’s office, show him your appointment and take a ticket. Once you get called, the officer will check your paperwork and file on the system (take 2 mins) and he will give you back the originals along with one passport photo. Take this photo and your original iqama to the receiving desk (number 10) and you’ll your baby’s new iqama a few mins later!

  • Sheikh Amir

    Do we have to link medical insurance with MOH or CCHI before going to Jawazat to get IQAMA of new born baby?

  • Humayun Saqib

    But if your child born in Riyadh hospitals and you did not find any appointment for Nasriah Riyadh and you planned to book appointment for Al Kharj, do not waste your time for Al Kharj, they will not deal you. (They clearly mentioned on door that ONLY FOR AL KHARJ)

  • Humayun Saqib

    in this case i recommend rest, child birth should be in country of origin of passport of parents.

  • abdul rehman

    Hi @stevejobsksa:disqus
    My question is that my wife have valid iqama , my newly baby born in pakistan , he came here stamped visa in which validty written 90 days , now if i want to send him back within 90 days , i have to make his iqama or i can send him without iqama ?

  • KR

    Hi Steve,
    I have 3 queries
    1) Is there any fees for applying for the iqama of a new born baby born inside the
    kingdom ?
    2) Should we pay any fees if the new born baby is coming to saudi arabia with in 2
    months of its birth and its mother has valid iqama and had gone on exit- re entry ?
    3) Is insurance must for adding the name of child born in K.S.A ? If yes, can we add
    its name in its existing insurance or should we take new one ?
    Thanking in adavance,

  • 1. No fee if he is born in Saudi Arabia
    2. SR 2,000
    3. Not required

  • KR

    Thank you very much

  • Sonu

    Hi Steve,
    I had difference in names on Iqama (arabic and English),
    My Daughter was born last year, they put my name as her last name.
    Then Lucky and Unluckily my name got corrected, but my old name is still appearing my daughter’s Iqama as last name.
    What would be the procedure now to have her name changed on Iqama?

    I was told to visit MOH Data Centre to have it modified on the Birth Certificate.
    Then I should to Ahwal for Shahada then Jawazat for Iqama..

    But I am Stuck with MOH guys, they are telling me to visit Ahwal directly.

    My Question is…. Is this Actual way of modification?

  • shras

    hiii steve…been following your blog,and appreciate your efforts, i just wanted to know about the fees for iqama for my new born son who born in INDIA,can he gain entry Visa on arrival with polio immunisation card with out a visa.tq

  • Fee: SR 2,000
    Yes he can get on arrival visa

  • Yasir Rao

    Hi All,

    I need to know what I have to do in case baby is born after the apppintment date I have taken from Ahwal Al Madni.

    Is there anyway I can just walk there and get a birth certificate.

    Secondly how to get “Permanent Birth Certificate”. Vaccination is done for two years old daughter already.

    Third for Riyadh, which office I can select along Al-Nasria?

  • Shaikh Abu Ayub

    Hello Steve and all visitors,

    My daughter has born in Riyadh. 4 days before when booking an appointment with MOI for my daughter iqama issuance, i am getting a message like “no appointment available” . But today i tried to went Jawazat in Riyadh, i informed the officer that i dont have valid appointment and i am in emergency and also informed him that “no appointments available in MOI website”. He replied, you must have valid appointment and did not said anything about non availability of appointments.
    does anyone has idea when the appointments will re-open for Riyadh. Is there any alternative solution. Please let me hear from you at [email protected]


  • JAI

    Can we get IQAMA for new born in Jubail Jawazat ofice

  • JAI

    Can we get IQAMA for new born, in Jubail Jawazat (Passport) office

  • zubair

    Did anyone from Pakistan avail Visa on Arrival for newborn? Does FIA let the newborn fly from Pakistan?

  • Yasir Rao

    Aslamualikum Bro,

    Any luck for getting your baby registered?

  • Faisal G

    Hi Steve,
    Today I logged into MOI website and try to take appointment in Nasiriyah Riyadh for Newborn baby(Ahwal Madni), the earliest available appointment is 3rd November 2016 and therefore I booked it. My baby born couple of days ago. I want to know will I have to pay penalty or something for late registration? If yes then how much???

  • Talha

    No u need to have it enrolled earlier from Saudi Embassy and also fee of SAR2000 is applicable.

  • Salimar Luis

    Salam.. My daughter will turn 11 month on October 06,the fine of late registration will be according in English calendar or Arabic? I am planning to get her iqama tomorrow, and i can get exit visa together with applications of iqama?

  • Mohammed Hussein

    I recommend updating the instructions mentioned for Jeddah jawazat (Kandara). Firstly, the correct entrance to the first floor is located by taking the first right immediately after entering through the main entrance. You should continue straight ahead until you see an open court yard to your right where you will then see a single door entrance at the end which will lead you to the correct staircase. You go straight to the 1st floor and enter through the the main offices to the right. You’ll find multiple booths numbering from 1 through to 18. For those born outside KSA, they should go to the last booths between 15 & 18. For those born in KSA, they should go to the first booths between 1 & 4. Hope this helps for those applying for their children’s iqaama for the first time.

  • Thanks for your input! I will update it!

  • Mohammed Hussein

    Thanks for the quick response. Sorry one minor correction on my previous statement. Instead of saying ‘taking the first right’ it should be the first left. Peace!

  • Ramsha

    Hi steve, my husband came back from ksa through back door in 2010 because his kafeel was not reachable n his iqama was after 6 years he got a free visa,but on sept 30 when he reached dammam he got detained.after 5 days he messaged that all the enquiry is done n he will be deported again after 2 days he called his friend to collect his baggage from dammam anti corruption office,his friend when after collection asked about his case,some officer said he will be released..on the next day my husbañd called and informed that he has been brought to riyadh intelligence its been 4 days ..i dont have any clue what is all happening?? Plz give any info

  • Amarah

    I give birth here in jeddah, I already have birthcertificate and passport for my baby. My husband is not working here in the kingdom. I am a nurse in a goverment hospital. In what way my baby can have her iqama under me. Please help. She will be one year of age this coming month of january. Some people told me that I need to go back to my country and there I can start to apply.

  • shahzaib

    Hi All,

    I bring my wife on permanent visa here but due to some problem of my company with the insurance company my wife’s insurance cannot be done within 3 months. My wife entry date into Kingdom is 19th June 2016 & now today is 24th October 2016 so if we calculate its almost 1 month & 7 Days that my wife’s 90 DAYS visa expires. I want to know that how much fine they will impose to make iqama as now i have received the insurance and need to make iqama. Kindly help. Need reply very urgently.


  • Altamash Sayed

    Hello Steve.

    I would want to add few points to your excellent write-up above.

    1. The form that is filled either by you or by the guys outside Jawazat, needs to be stamped in 2 places by the Father’s company (or kafeel). I had to come back to my office with the filled form to get the stamps.

    2. Riyadh Jawazat has a separate section now which is in the back side and on the ground floor. Its empty in the afternoons, but appointments are necessary, although abshir shows all slots available.

    I was there today, so noticed these updates.

  • Actually, I applied around 6 months ago myself and there was no requirement like this. I will update the article.

  • Mohammed Waqar

    Dear Steve: Procedure for Making Iqama for Newborn in Saudi Arabia specially in Jeddah take around 3 months due to non availability of appointments for Ahwal Al Madni and after that NICOP and Passport takes atleast 2 months. Please let us know what is the procedure, if we want to take our baby for vacations after Birth without Iqama or How to get passport urgently, I just make Birth Certificate from Ahwal Al Madani now I have to wait 2 more months for Iqama. Please Guide

  • Dear Waqar,
    Only one solution that you can apply for manual passport (assuming you are applying for Pakistani passport) which you can get it in one day and then another day for an iqama and as soon as you take your baby’s iqama you are good to go for baby’s vaccination.
    My two cents here.


  • Mohammed Waqar

    Thank you so much, I just call Pakistan consulate and they reply same, going to make manual passport, they just need translation of Birth Certificate and NICOP token copy with Passport copies of Parents. Thanks for the Guide, actually there is no procedure mention anywhere, may be you will post this procedure in your coming post’s.

  • Serena

    I have a very unique case, kindly guide as I am totally lost. thanks in advance.

    I am a doctor, working in govt hospital (under hospital’s sponsorship). My 3 years old child is under my sponsorship as the child was born outside KSA and got dependent visa along with my work visa back then. My husband (finance analyst) is although not under my sponsorship but he is working as well here in KSA in a private set up (and he is under sponsorship/kafaala of his pvt company).

    Now i am expecting again and my delivery date is soon. My questions are as follow:

    1- I want to add my new born under my sponsorship as my husband will travel to UK for good for job purpose after few months. however I will keep on working in KSA. Kindly guide shall I make Ahwal Madni appointment from my MOI account or his ? Also is there some separate ladies section to go ?

    2-For Iqama making (after passports are ready), for jawazaat do i need to go in same Kandara office in Jeddah or rehab office (for families/individuals)? I will need to go in separate ladies section alone or can accompany with my husband as per your given location?

    3- Lastly, is it even possible to add my baby under my sponsorship ? will they allow because baby’s father is also working here and hold iqama too under his company’s sponsorship. The reason we want to add baby under my sponsorship is because his father will go back to UK for good in 6 to 8 months (on final exit visa) and if baby is under his sponsorship then new born baby will not be able to stay here with me unless i transfer the baby again later on.

    Kindly guide and thanks in advance.

  • fahadakhtar

    Dear Steve

    Is medical insurance required for newly born inside KSA?

  • abubakar

    Hey, you can remove wife 500 riyal fees from jawazat. I also do that recently.

  • imran

    Dear Steve,
    Is medical insurance required for IQAMA in KSA.
    And could i get different company medical insurance other then i have?

  • Mudassar

    Hi Steve,
    I brought my newborn to KSA on 4 Feb 2017.
    I am trying to make payment online through Riyad Bank. My newborn will be 3 months on 14 Feb 2017.
    The fees shown in Riyad Bank is 2500 SAR.
    The payment details show:
    1. Correction of entry position visa – 2000 SAR
    2. Issuance of Iqama – 500 SAR
    Can anyone tell me if the fees has increased or I am making payment under wrong category. I have selected Issuance of New Iqama under Residents services in Riyad Banks Government Bills

  • dgh official

    hey bro so whats the update? im facing the same issue… !!!

  • Rusty Tacuken

    Hi sir mam,
    First of all I want to ask if it is possible to get my new baby born iqama.? He’s father is Pakistani nationality and I am a Filipino nationality. In my baby birth certificate is Pakistani nationality but when I apply for he’s passport is in Phil embassy. And of course he is Filipino nationality in passport.
    So which nationality he will be in iqama? From father or from mother?
    Thank you I need a asap answer.

  • Iftikhar

    Is there any change for new baby iqama issuance procedure?

  • Iftikhar

    I have submitted the all document to Jawazat office for Iqama, but the officer said to me just wait the Govt. will update the record for new dependent on MOI / Absher then come back I will print the Iqama.

  • It must be new. Normally these officers update the records in MOI themselves. Jawazat comes under MOI.
    Please do update us when you get your iqama

  • Iftikhar

    Today the the information has been updated on MOI site by Govt.

  • Great!

  • imran

    excellent piece of information appreciate it.

  • Iftikhar

    Today I went to Jawazat/Passport Office in Alhsa with all required documents with Original and got the printed Iqama. The Officer have the list he first checked from his list then gave me Iqama print. So, Now the procedure has been changed. Everyone go to Jawazat Office two time. One for to submit the documents and then again go for take the Iqama.

  • Jaber

    Dear Steve

    I am in Burayda Qasim now, I applied my new born baby IQAMA here in qassim but Jawazat not accepted, because my Iqama is issued in Riyadh, he told me that I should apply in Riyadh, but the problem is I have no available time to go there, My question is, Can second person to represent instead of me, can apply in Riyadh?

    Best Regard,

  • Malik

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to share Latest Update for Issuing Iqama for Newborn. First of All they have shifted this department from Kandrah Jawazat to Al rehab Jawazat.
    Once you enter in Jawazat gate don’t go in the main building, take your left and then right by the side of the building, you will see a big board with red arrow on the top, goto left it’s a big corridor, go straight you will see different doors on your right, enter from Second last door there you’ll see counter from 1-9, counter Number 6-7 is for Adding newborn inside kingdom and counter number 8 is for Newborn outside kingdom. Wait for your turn and goto counter give him all the documents, they don’t need passport copies of parents as they have returned mine. But it’s written in their requirement board so it’s better​to take one with you. Once he is done he will write iqama Number on baby’s passport and ask you to wait, then wait for your turn and goto Counter number 9 he will take passport one picture of baby and Birth Certificate. Then he will return the documents and ask you to wait until he print the iqama and will call by the baby’s​ name. This is what happened to me today. 08/05/2017.

    Dear Steve, If you like you can update this information on your page. Thanks

  • Thank you very much for the update!

  • Malik

    You’re welcome Steve!

  • Akshara Naveti

    Hi am bringing my 2 month old baby to KSA dammam, by next week, all I gathered documents like birth certificate of baby vaccine report and passport, hope this will be enough for visa on arrival , my question is whether birth certificate and vaccine card need to be translated and attested here in India by Saudi embassy or not , please help me out, I haven’t left much time. Thanks to all in advance

  • Harry Khan

    Hi Aldrin Earl
    Did they ask you for a medical insurance of newborn?
    Secondly did you take any appointment or you went directly?

    Please let me know as i am planing to go tomorrow morning.

    Haris Khan

  • Akshara Naveti

    Halo Mr Harris,hope you applied or recieved for visa on arrival for your baby just need to ask whether the documents like birth certificate need to be attested and translated, thank you

  • Harry Khan

    Hi, My son was born inside KSA. He is three years now and in this case i heared of a fine and paid 1000 as penalty.
    Being local birth case; I attested birth certificate from MOFA and our embassy.
    Now i am also looking for answer if i need insurance also first to go to jawazat for iqama printing…

  • Akshara Naveti

    Oh ok Neva mind thanks for reply though, we must need insurance policy number to get iqama, border agency number or whatever number they issue would be printed on insurance card on first year of insurance later on renewal after a year iqama Number would be printed on insurance card,

  • Harry Khan


  • Malik

    Hello Haris, My company already issued insurance card for my newborn so they didn’t ask me anything regarding insurance, in fact am not sure because at that time he wast asking anyone about it. Regarding appointment it’s not needed just go directly try to go early hours like 8 or 9am. it wasn’t that much crowded, but people were coming and going total procedure took me less than 30mins. With alot of (useless wait)

  • Harry Khan

    HI Aldrin,
    I went to Rehab Jawazat in morning today and got the iqama.
    They did not ask for any insurance even my son was 3 years old and this was first time i made his iqama by paying a penalty of 1000 SAR.


  • Mary Ann Daiz Hernandez

    Hi…im here in jeddah now,i need also to get iqama for my baby…,do i need to get appointment first or no need?pls answer me asap..thanks

  • Malik

    Hello, no need of appointment just go directly. Try to go early hours. Thanks

  • Vinod Balakrishnan

    Hello there. My son was born in Saudi Arabia and now I have his iqama issued and the Jawazat entered an number (I assume it to be border number which is written in Arabic) in his passport. I am now planning to go back home for vacation with my family. But I don’t have a Visa stamped on my new born’s passport like others except the above mentioned number. Do I need to get a Visa stamped as well for him in his passport before i make the travel ?

  • Mary Ann Daiz Hernandez

    Thanks steve…one last question pls…what requirements do we need…?

  • Syed Fahad Hussain

    Assalam alaikum

    Dear steve.
    My iqama is issued from riyadh. Can I goto dammam jawazat to issue my new born iqama?

  • Christine Mon

    if i apply for the iqama of mynew born baby after July will i need to pay the 1200sr per dependent as it will start this July?

  • Khalid Ibrahim


  • Christine Mon

    we havent applied for the iqama of my new born and now we decided to go final exit this coming October, is it still necessary to get iqama for our newborn or we can go exit without it?

  • justsaying

    My baby who is now 6 months have already passport but we didnt make iqama as we are bringing her to india already next week. Is passport enough. Will the immigration officer aolow thus? Please i need definite answer asap. Please

  • Shahid Qureshi

    Hello and Salam Malik,
    I want to ask you from ur recent experience do I need to take original hospital birth report to ahwal al madni/civil affairs to get my son’s birth certificate or can I just take copy of it? Thanks, pls let me know soon?

  • Shaheera Ahmed

    No you need to app for visa from nidia without iqama or visa baby can’t travel

  • Shaheera Ahmed


  • Shaheera Ahmed

    Yes u can

  • Muhammad Raza

    Dear All,

    I would like to share my recent experience with you all as a couple of things have changed in this process.

    Once you have your new childs passport and birth certificate in hand, go ahead and book an appointment online.

    For the jawazat form, you only need to fill the first page and attach the following: –

    1) 1 x Completed Application Form in Arabic (make sure this is stamped by your company just in case)
    2) 2 x Passport Pictures
    3) 1 x Copy of Birth Certificate
    4) 1 x Copy of New Passport
    5) 1 x Copy of fathers Iqama
    6) 1 x Copy of mothers Iqama
    7) 1 x Copy of SADAD Payment (explained below)

    Along with the copies, please take the mother and fathers original iqama and of course the baby’s passport.

    Once inside the building (for me this was Jawazat in Riyadh and the building that you need to goto is which is separate from the main building at the back on the left) goto the managers office, show him your appointment and take a ticket.

    Once you get called, the officer will check your paperwork and file on the system (take 2 mins) and he will give you back the originals along with one passport photo. Take this photo and your original iqama to the receiving desk (number 10) and you’ll your baby’s new iqama a few mins later!

    SADAD – Now the Saudi Government has implemented new fees for iqama issuance of babies born in KSA regardless of how long it has been. To make this payment, please login to your bank, goto SADAD->Alien Control->Adding Dependant Born inside Saudi Arabia. Then enter your Iqama number and the HIJRI date of the birth of your child and it will give you the fee you need to pay. Please take a copy of this payment just incase. For reference I paid SAR 1235. If for some reason you are unable to make this payment online you can ask a friend or any of the shops outside will do it for a small fee.

    I hope this helps.

  • fsa

    Alhamdulilha i got iqama of my new born son today 02/08/2017. info mentioned above is 98% is fine but due to dependent fee bit changed. no need to pay dependent fee for all family members jut pay for new born.
    then i went jawazat Al rehab jeddah it take 30 minutes.

  • fsa

    Original .

  • How would you pay the dependent fee for a newborn when you don’t know his/her iqama number?

  • Danish Raza

    I have paid fees for all existing members….how to pay the fees for new born when iqama is not added in dependent list.please help and they veryfying before giving iqama for new born

  • fsa

    go to online banking then Alien control there is a option adding dependent born inside ksa enter date of birth kid then your iqama No fee will appear check screen shot.

  • Hamzah Imran

    Steve, I’ve visit visa sigle entry, issued by my father (jeddah) and I wish to perform hajj, please guide me what is the procedure ? Can i do it on visit visa? If not so how come?
    Waiting for your reply
    Jazak ALLAH khair

  • fsa

    no its Illegal.

  • Akhtar Javed

    how you paid the dependent fee for a newborn when you don’t know his/her iqama number?

  • They will issue an Iqama for the newly born child if you have already paid the fee for your current dependnet.s

  • Graet Help! Thank you!

  • I will update it soon! Thanks for your help

  • Thanks a lot! Great Help!

  • Danish Raza

    Today I got iqama for my child alhumdolilah. You need to pay fee for newborn before hand by making payment through sadad.just enter your iqama Id and child date of birth fees will be reflecfed under Add newborn in KSA dropdown.

  • Malik

    The fee you paid is dependent fee or is it something new ?
    I also paid for my baby’s Iqama,1504 SAR (calculated from JULY 1st 2017 till my Iqama Renewal)

    But that fee was equivalent to dependent fee. I believe this is not iqama issuance fee instead it is dependent fee.

  • FA

    Was your child born inside the Kingdom or outside ?

  • FA

    Can someone please share the latest process for Newly Born baby – Born outside the kingdom ?

  • fsa

    inside the kingdom

  • Christine Mon

    how about the charge for getting iqama of new born and going on final exit also after 2months?

  • Christine Mon

    how about the charge for new born iqama and going on final exit after 2months, how it will be computed and will the amount come out thru payment in sadad?

  • Sayrine Khay Simon Sebastian –

    Is anyone here know how much is the iqama payment for new born baby? Please let me know.. Thanks much

  • Imran Humayun

    Hi. How you spell Rida name in Arabi رضا or ردا…. in hospital they mention my daughter name like this رضا. But i want it to be ردا. I did not visit ahwal madani so far… if i will mention name ردا at aheal madni form.. will tbey creat issue???

  • Imran Humayun

    Sorry i couldn’t find to start my own post so therefore i am asking here…. in hospital they mention my daughter name like this رضا. But i want it to be ردا (Rida). I did not visit ahwal madani so far… if i will mention name ردا at ahwal madni form.. will they creat issue??? Or i need to ask hospital to prepare new birth notification form. ??? Because it takes 2 weeks minimum and appointment from ahwaal madani 1 month…

  • Imran Humayun

    Sorry i couldn’t find to start my own post so therefore i am asking here…. in hospital they mention my daughter name like this رضا. But i want it to be ردا (Rida). I did not visit ahwal madani so far… if i will mention name ردا at ahwal madni form.. will they creat issue??? Or i need to ask hospital to prepare new birth notification form. ??? Because it takes 2 weeks minimum and appointment from ahwaal madani 1 month…

  • They will issue the birth certificate on the same name as mentioned in the Birth Notification issued by Ministry of Health. You should contact the hospital to change the name in MOH notification

  • fsa

    go to online banking then Alien control there is a option adding dependent born inside ksa enter date of birth kid then your iqama No fee will appear

  • Christine Mon

    yes i saw that on Sadad, the amount is 900sr and thats from july until march(expiry of iqama) but if were going exit on October will they refund the money for the 5months that we are not here anymore?if you have any idea please clarify thank

  • fsa

    i don’t think so they will refund

  • Zeeshan

    Salam, is anyone aware, how to pay dependents fee for new born from AnB bank, as it is not giving this option of addition dependent born inside saudi arabia. Your help is appreciated.

  • We have already explained it above brother

  • Unfortunately, No refund!

  • Christine Mon

    can newborn be under the mother iqama? im not under my husbands iqama, im under my company.

  • Christine Mon

    steve do you know if new born can be under mothers iqama? im not under my husband im under my company. thanks

  • Yes, you can register the newborn under your Iqama. However, in this case, you will have to complete the entire process.

  • Christine Mon

    what do you mean I have to complete the entire process? please clarify

  • You will have to appear in Jawazat and other offices, not your husband.

  • Fari Khan Turk

    Can any one share the filled form for the iqama to add new born baby.

  • Christine Mon

    ah i get it, so ill be the one processing everything. so its really possible for my new born to be under my iqama. thank you so much steve!

  • Christine Mon

    do i need to get anything from my hr?

  • Abdul Khabeer

    I lost my daughters vaccination card. How can I get another one?

  • Christine Mon

    i went to jawazat womens section to process my newborns iqama under my name, the ladies working there said it cannot be under my name it should be under the father.

  • You should have given a valid reason for example, your Husband’s company is going to issue him a final exit, he will have to go back and come on a new visa, something like that. It does not happen as smoothly as you think. It would have been much better to take an Arabic speaking guy with you.
    However, if you decide to register your child under your husband’s Iqama, you would be able to transfer your child under your Iqama later on in case your husband goes for final exit.

  • adnan saleem

    how you pay dependent fees of baby as he still have no iqama nmber..? tell me. i want to pay. thanksif u answer

  • Sabir

    hi,dear, i have the same issue , and need to know whether making iqama for the baby is required for going on final exit or not,, if any one know, please update me, that what to do for final exit of newly born baby in emergency?

  • Sabir

    Dear Waqar, did u make iqama of the baby, after making passport, or went without making iqama.

    i am facing the same situation, and come to know that manual passport can, t be made now, and it si stopped, only computerized, which will take more time, and after that what next to for final exit, if any body know, please update me

  • Sabir

    Dear All,

    can i go on final exit with one of my new-born baby (born inside Saudi Arabia) without making iqama.
    Currently Just have make Nicop and Passport.

  • Zantie Azizan

    Have anyone successfully applied iqama for his/her newborn without immunization card? Thanks

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