Entry to Makkah is banned without Hajj Permit

In order to stop illegal Hajj performers, authorities have taken some serious steps this time. Entry to the boundaries of Makkah is banned from the 12th August 2016 for all those people who don’t have Hajj permits. However, residents of Makkah will be allowed to travel into Makkah.  The decision has been taken at a time when Hajj flights from all around the world have started coming to Saudi Arabia. Ban applies to all the people including visit visa holders and Iqama holders of Saudi Arabia. Iqama holders of cities other than Makkah will not be allowed to enter Holy Makkah.

Authorities are saying that they are determined this time to take all the possible actions to stop illegal hajj performers. In order to do this, police will be appointed on all the incoming ways of Makkah to check that no one enters to Makkah without Hajj permit. All the possible routes to enter to Makkah from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Taif and other cities will be strongly monitored. This decision has also been taken to give more freedom and space to the Hajj pilgrims in the Holy city of Makkah to perform Umrah in the less crowded environment.

It is important to mention here that authorities have been disseminating warnings that if somebody is caught performing Hajj without Hajj Tasreeh, officers will take his fingerprints and let him perform the Hajj. But he will not be allowed to renew his Iqama and forced to leave the country at that time. It is also said that authorities will impose a special ban of 10 years to those expatriates who are caught performing hajj without Hajj permit.

In my personal point of view, one should not try to enter to Makkah in this period. If you are resident of Saudi Arabia, the whole year is open for you to perform Umrah. Haram is very crowded nowadays. Let the pilgrims from other countries perform their duties. Why should we go and make it difficult for them to perform their duties? Moreover, it poses a high risk of being caught and deported. You are risking your whole career just because of this. It is better to stay away from it if you don’t have Hajj tasreeh.

It has also been noted that if somebody tries to enter to the entries of Makkah even through highway, his record is taken by the authorities with. In the case of the second attempt, his fingerprints will be taken which may lead to unwanted circumstances.

Source: Arab News

  • Some confusion here, I called a Taxi driver in Makkah he told me that It is open and many locals are coming for Umrah now.. Actually i might travel next week. 18th Dhul Qad .. 19th August inshallah..

    can someone confirm the status if they are allowing for locals to perform umrah or not ?

  • I called a Taxi driver in Makkah he told me that It is open and many locals are coming for Umrah now.. Actually i might travel next week. 18th Dhul Qad .. 19th August inshallah..

    can someone confirm the status if they are allowing for locals to perform umrah or not ?

  • Farid Ahmed

    Mr Steve…i want to go makkah after 20 September 2016 to meet my parents who have come to perform hajj this year. Is there any problem to go makkah?? From which date other people can enter makkah in 2016?

  • Once hajj is performed, you can go to Makkah very easily

  • Addy Aj

    Salam i would like to ask…im from riyadh if its not allowed to go makkah if i dont have permet but permet only for hadjz what if i do umrah if its not allowed please reply me thnks

  • Ali Raza

    Hajj will be performed during Sep 9th to Sep 14th…Can I go for Umrah on 15th Sep from Taif? Will they allow me to enter in Makkah?

  • Yes, they will not stop you after Hajj days

  • Rahimon

    Hi, i was traveling to taif and the police stopped me at the shumaisi check point and asked for hajj permission. I told them i am going to taif. Then they diverted me to non muslims road. But they took the copy of my iqama and car registration card. What is the reason for that?

    Is there anyway to check whether i am black list

  • Zaheer

    Good Morning Mr. Steve,
    I am new in KSA (landed on August 16, 2016). My sponsor company is from Jeddah. As per company my Iqama is under process and will be issued after Eid Holidays. I have my original passport with me and also a paper from company showing that my Iqama is under process. I want to go Madina to spend eid holidays there in Madina. Kindly advise can i travel to Madina with out Iqama as i have only original passport with me with three months visa. Waiting for your kind reply

  • Mohamed Kasim

    No Problem for Visiting Madinah , But make sure you are having Original Passport including Sponsor letter. Private or Government Busses may ask for Iqama.

  • Mohamed Kasim

    No , You are not blacklisted since they stopped you first time. Make sure not to enter Makkah or Via Makkah during Hajj then they have Right to deport you on final exit. You can use Non Muslim road to reach Taif which is better in Hajj Times.

  • Rahimon

    Now I want to go back to Jeddah from Taif, Which road I can take to avoid hassle of police checking?

  • Umair Bin Tariq

    Hi , i m living in makkah since 15 months ago can i allowed to performed Hajj plz tell me a waiting of your kind responce..

  • Zaheer

    Thanks Mohamed Kasim

  • Nielfa Hanifa

    Is this the official dates for when non-hajj permit holders can enter Makkah?

  • Kashif Azad

    Dear Steve. I have a question to you please. in 2014 i perform my without Tasreeh and police got my prints. after in Feb 2016 i was Deported from KSA.
    now tell me how many years i actually cannot enter to the KAS. some told me you are banned for 10 years and some says 5 years,

    kindly tell me the truth.
    Thanks and waiting.

  • Ali Ranjha

    Today we all families went to Makkah but at checkpoints they stopped us and took our iqamas details and asked us to go back to Jeddah. Is there anything we need worry ?

  • It is a warning, they have taken your details. If you try to enter Makkah again before Hajj, the action will be taken.

  • syedatiq

    Your Iqama issued from which place ?

  • syedatiq

    if i have work permit ( tasreeh ) to work in makkah then shall i travel to MAKKAH with my wife and 2 childern before hajj ?

  • Ali Ranjha


  • syedatiq

    please be careful not try to enter from 1st Zul qadah to end of hajj

  • Ali Ranjha

    Thanks, My manger also replied me same. hope this comment will help a lot of people.

  • syedatiq

    Currently i am working in MAKKAH and living in jeddah, my iqama was issued from Riyadh. i do daily up and down from jeddah to Makkah via company transport and some time my own vehicle. till now we are freely move without any hassle @ checkpoint. However I got HAJJ tasreeh of this year 1438 and INSHA ALLAH I will received wok permit as well within 2 days

  • Ali Ranjha

    Great, do prayer for all. Best of luck. 🙂

  • Sandani Shaik

    Good Morning to all ,

    I have applied for Hajj 2017-1438 & Hajj Permit also Printed for me & My Wife.

    Can i go Makkah now a days ( Before hajj ) with my Family , to Visit my Parents from India.

  • Yes, you can.

  • Umair ****

    Did you try to go brother ? I have a similar situation as well.

  • Sandani Shaik

    Still I didn’t went , insha Allah on Sunday I will go and let u know.

    If you go before Sunday update ur experience

  • rivas shams

    hi steve, today (arafa day) me and my family tried to go Makkah after asr prayer for (ifthar and umra but at Makkah check point they stoped us and took every one iqama and told to meet one officer wer he asked for my isthimara too and took details of it. me and my father was in ihram..! should I need to worry about it..!

  • Obviously, you should be worried about it. We have already stated hundreds of times that illegal hajj can lead to heavy fines and deportation with a 10 years ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia

  • rivas shams

    Thanks for your update. FYI we were not doin illegal hajj at the time of traveling there wer six of us including my parents. And me and dad was only plan to do umra. And they took details of my iqama car details and returned us to Jeddah. So what’s next..? Is there any way I can check about this..?

  • syedatiq

    This is your point of view , but they are thought all of you was going to hajj since major hajj ritual’s official time not yet finished i.e ( before maghrib “WAQOOF E ARFA” ).
    as you said after ASR time you were reached jeddah – makkah check point, it means there was possibility to reach ARAFAT before maghrib.

  • You will get to know if there is a proceeding against you at the time of renewal of your iqama. If your iqama gets renewed, it means they just gave you a warning