HAIA members found skull of a sheep in a Saudi House with Black Magic Signs

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (HAIA) have recently reported a case in Saudi Arabia when they found evil black magic signs in a house. The resident family of that house had been facing serious health and psychological problems along with the lady who was not able to get pregnant. Evil piece of black magic was hidden inside the head of the sheep which was buried in front of the house of that family and found by the Members of the Commission of the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (HAIA).

The strangest thing about this incident was when HAIA members dugout the land in front of the house, they found buried sheep in a condition when blood was dripping out of its head. It seemed that sheep was buried a long time ago but its body was very fresh. How could the head not decompose into bones? It was lying there underground for a long time and did not rot? The surface of the land in front of the house was even and it was not reflecting that someone has dug it out recently. Even the members of the HAIA were amazed to see this.

This news creates worry for me as it reinforces the negative social values and undermines people’s trust in them. I do not negate the credibility of this news, neither the existence of black magic. But in Saudi Arabia, 90% families claim that they are victims of black magic or some other supernatural things. I know that the black magic exists but I do not think 90% population of Saudi Arabia is a victim of this magic.

We should get rid of these delusions which have prompted the HAIA to open branches all over the country to cast out evil spells. If the HAIA had used the money allocated for opening these branches to gain people’s trust in its members, it should have done the right thing and not reinforce people’s paranoia about evil black magic.