Penalties if somebody is caught working on Family Visit Visa

If you have applied visit visa for your family members, it is your duty as well to let them aware that this is not allowed to work for anyone either voluntarily or for some remuneration. Saudi Government has strictly announced severe penalties for the visit visa holders who are involved in such kind of activities. This is not the first time that this blog is providing information to its user about the visit visa. We have provided links to articles written on this subject earlier by this blog. The sole purpose of providing this information to the people is to prevent them from working on visit visa.

Penalty on Visit Visa Worker

If an expatriate is found working for someone either voluntarily or for some remuneration on visit visa, he will be detained and punished in the following way;

If the visa was valid he shall be deported after detention. All the cost related to the deportation will be borne by him.

If the visa was expired he shall be deported after implementing the statutory procedures. Statutory procedures in this regard involve contacting the embassy of the country and investigating with the local resident about the illegal work of visitor. All the cost related to the deportation will be borne by him. Moreover, a local resident who guaranteed his stay in the kingdom will also be fined heavily. This is explained in the below paragraph.

Penalty on Local Resident who applied for Visit Visa

It is very important to mention here that expat living in Saudi Arabia on Iqama takes the responsibility of the family members entering the Kingdom. In the case of Overstay of any family member, even if the stay is of a single day, SR 50,000/- fine is imposed on the expatriate with Iqama. You can read about this topic in detail in this article, “What to do if Family Visit Visa Expires

If involvement of Iqama holder who sponsored the visit visa is found in this act, he may also face the penalty of deportation or fine.

Penalty on Employer: The employer shall be fined according to the statutory measures if the employer is an expatriate resident; he will be reported to the authorities after implementing the statuary penalties towards him, to consider his deportation.