Termination without Notice Period under Article 80 of Saudi Labor Law

In this blog, we have been continuously writing about the rights of expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Today, we will be writing about the rights of the employers in Saudi Arabia. In continuance of our previous article, “Resignation without Notice Period” we are writing this article regarding the situations when an employer can terminate his employees without giving any notice period, indemnity, any kind of payment including End of Service Benefits.

These cases have been covered in the article 80 of the Saudi Labor Law. All these cases have been elaborated in easy English in the following paragraphs. In any other case which is not covered below, an employer will have to provide a notice period to the employee. Recommended: What is the Notice Period under Saudi Labor Law?

The worker assaults employer or any representative of the employer including supervisors and managers, during work or by reason of work – Article 80 (1) of Saudi Labor Law.

The worker fails to perform his essential obligations arising from the work, does not obey legitimate orders or deliberately fails to observe the instruction related to the safety of other employees and work – Article 80 (2) of Saudi Labor Law. Recommended: SR 25,000 fine if you are not wearing safety equipment in Saudi Arabia

The employee commits misconduct or an act of infringement or dishonesty which affects his integrity – Article 80 (3) of Saudi Labor Law.

The employee commits a deliberate default with an intention to cause material loss to the employer, provided that the employer reports such default to appropriate authorities within 24 hours of such default – Article 80 (4) of Saudi Labor Law.

The employee is involved in “forgery of documents” – Article 80 (5) of Saudi Labor Law. Recommended: Trading Visas & Forgery of Documents

The employee is in probation period – Article 80 (6) of Saudi Labor Law. Recommended: Probation Rules under Saudi Labor Law

If the worker is absent from work for more than 30 days without any valid reason in one year or for more than 15 consecutive days provided that the employer has sent him written warnings after 20 days in the first case and after 10 days in the later case – Article 80 (7) of Saudi Labor Law.

The worker takes advantage of his work for personal benefits or to illegitimately earn personal profits – Article 80 (8) of Saudi Labor Law

The worker discloses work-related, industrial or commercial secrets to someone who is not authorized to receive such information – Article 80 (9) of Saudi Labor Law

  • cesar malinao

    Hi! I just want to ask your opinion regarding my situation right now. I’m working here at Saudi started last May 2015. I’m under a subcontractor and work in hospital. I have a signed 2 years contract that will end this May 2017. As of now, our employer informed us that they will end their service to the hospital this January 2017. They have contract to the hospital until January 2017 and they will not renew. They added, if we will exit they will give us the benefit and airfare tickets. So, what goes in my mind if they will finish January 2017, I have still 4 months remaining in my contract. We follow up our question, we ask if they will pay our remaining months. They replied, they will see. Do I have the right to get my remaining 4 months of my contract? They should pay me before I leave?
    Please please help me with this. Looking forward on your reply.

  • connie

    Dear Sir Steve,

    I just want to ask if it is okay that my employeer deducted my salary for 1 day or 2 days every month if I did something wrong on my work? For example I didn’t answer her calls and she decided to deduct my salary for one day?or I didn’t understand the invoices that they sent to me because it is italian word, thats some reason that cause of my salary deduction. is it normal or do i need something to do to avoid this things? i wish you can help me for what to do. Thank you very much.

  • pinay3 pinay3

    good pm paano daw po if gusto magresign kasi ayaw na nya sa ugali manager??kasi yung pinsan ko nasa jeddah

  • syed sameer

    Hello sir
    I work for a chocolate company since there was a problem with Me. From the company they said me to pay 10000 riyal as it’s been 2 months as of now I’m staying without food with our money ever day I call my seniors area manager they say wait for 2 days now it’s been 2 months as of now they are saying still the same their store manager was indulged in illegal activities I told the company about this now company is pining finger on me I came here for salary of 1350 sir it’s been 1.9 years I learned everything discussion written everything now they are not giving me exit and they hold my passport I’m staying only with iqama ops do help me sir what can I do next m scared to complaint to labour court because once I complaint I don’t know what happens because my kafeel is very powerful. ….allah khair insh allah pls do reply me sir

  • syed sameer

    And the company dint gave me any written agreement saying I must wait it’s been 2 months sir from past 15days I haven’t eaten anything I offer salah n sleep everyday more n more politics they do here at the company everyone wants to prove they are working very good nobody is helping me need a reply on this pls I beg u

  • melencio avetria

    Greetings Sir,
    3 days ago I received an email from HR Manager he notified me that my contract will not renew and it will be good until June 13, 2017. my concern Sir is I have 2 years contract and this coming June 13 my 1st year will be finish. it is possible Sir that I can claim a certain amount in my remaining 1 year contract. because for me it is clear termination without cause or breach of contract in part of my employer. Advise please Sir, thank you

  • adil zoom

    Sir if company give me exit before 2 years it mean in 15 months and my bond is for 2 years, in this case what benefits company pay me.

  • adil zoom

    Sir if company give me exit before 2 years it mean in 15 months and my bond is for 2 years, in this case what benefits company pay me. Please

  • adil zoom

    Sir if company give me exit before 2 years it mean in 15 months and my bond is for 2 years, in this case what benefits company pay me.please help me

  • Jamael Sarilama

    Im working as a salesman here in Saudi Arabia but unfortunately my company wants me to back in my country because now Saudi citizen will work in our company. The issue is i have 1 year remaining on my contract. Should i have the rights to get paid what is left in my contract?

  • Jhonryl Villanueva Soncio

    Also same issue of me.