Return of Deported Expatriate to KSA

If you are living in Saudi Arabia nowadays, we normally hear about the raids of Jawazat and Ministry of Labor on illegal workers and illegal residents of Saudi Arabia. Once these people are caught by the Saudi government, they are detained in the detention centers for some period of time and then deported to their native countries. All the expenses related to diet in detention centers are borne by themselves. Moreover, they also have to bear the expenses of deportation to their own country. At the time of deportation, Saudi Government bans their passport for re-entry to Saudi Arabia and takes their biometrics so that they cannot even enter on another country’s passport.

Gulf News has reported that a plan to ban the deported expatriates from one GCC country from entering on work visas in any other GCC country has been finalized. To know about the status of the implementation, click on this link “GCC Wide Ban on Deported Expatriates of GCC Countries” In order to prevent these deported expatriates from re-entering to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Government has given strict guidelines to all its embassies all over the world. Whenever a passport reaches to them for visa stamping, they have strong controls to check if the passport holder was already deported from the Saudi Arabia.

If he was one of those deported culprits, his application is immediately rejected since he has a lifetime or a ban of some period. This is a less risky situation since the deported expatriate is still in his country. However, if that deported expatriate enters to the Saudi Arabia through anyway, he will still be in danger. The mere fact that Saudi Embassy has stamped his visa does not necessarily mean that he can enter to Saudi Arabia. There is a possibility that immigration officers will catch him and detain him again.

If some expatriate is caught in Saudi Arabia by the authorities he will be penalized in the following way. The fine referred below shall be collected from the deported immediately upon showing his readiness to pay it, to avoid the possibility of delaying during the finalization of his procedures.

  • In the first instance, the fine is 1000 S.R. and re-deportation at his own expense.
  • For the second instance, the fine is 2000 S.R., 5 months’ imprisonment, and re-deportation.
  • Shamsher Singh

    Hi sir how r u? My father is a driver in saudi Arabia. Bt now suddenly his number is switched off . Before that he call us daily at night bt now from 15 July 2016 he did not call anyone . Can u plzz help me what can I do . He is indian . Name kuldip singh. Plzz help me where can I track him .

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    hello sir i am a pakistani i was deported from jeddah in 3 december 2014 i was nil no iqama no pasport even no id card… i was born in jeddah my father was illeagel thats why i dont have any sort of leagel pappers… so i jast want to know when can i go back to jeddah and how

  • Abdurrehman Gujjar

    Sir I have haroob status than in 90 days amnesty I get final exit and come pakistan can i come back ksa

  • Farooq Umar

    Hello Steve,

    I came back to Pakistan 1 year ago on re-entry Exit visa, but was unable to return due to some family matters. I told my employer and he finalised all process and gave me Termination certificate. Now I have an offer from saudi company, my question is can I return to KSA as my status in jawazat is “absent from work” I would appreciate your response

  • Vilva Villanueva Palacio

    I am a filipina….i went for a vacation last april 2015….but my employer ask me to comeback bcoz my iqama will expire on april 27 at night….she bought for me ticket to fly but i was left by the plane since she gave me wrong departure time ..
    In short …my iqama and re entry got expired in the phililppines…..
    Can i still comeback to saudi again after three years ban?