FAQ: Procedure after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Dependents

Exit Re-Entry Visa of my dependent has been expired, how can I bring them back to Saudi Arabia? What is the procedure for that?

Question by Visitor: My sister went to Pakistan for her studies but she had her Iqama valid, and while she was there her Exit Re-Entry expired and she couldn’t come back because of her exams. Now, we came to know that being on the family status it won’t be difficult for us to get her back in Saudi Arabia. We made the online application at MOFA website, signed it and got it signed by the KAFEEL and then got it attested from Chamber of Commerce, and now we have been waiting to get an “MUSTANAD NUMBER” which I think is the approval number, once MOFA agrees to give this number it won’t be difficult for her to come back. Now the problem is this, that the whole procedure took more than 1 month and still there is no sign of this MUSTANAD NUMBER.

We came to know about a guy who said if given SR 4,000/- he will have us this MUSTANAD NUMBER very quickly and we even agreed to this, but now almost 10 days have passed more and still no sign of MUSTANAD NUMBER. The problem is this I am constantly delaying my appointments back in PAKISTAN at Etimad Pvt Ltd too, and my final date of appointment is on 14th of this month. After that, they will be giving a date later than EID holidays and due to some family matter, she should be back in Saudi maximum by Eid.  Again, now what worries me is that after a week there will be EID holidays, and then I won’t be having any time for an appointment at ETIMAD PVT LTD back in Pakistan.

Answer by Steve: In Saudi Arabia, procedures change very quickly. I do not know if the procedure of bringing the dependents with expired exit re-entry visa has been changed. As per the latest information I have, the procedure is this. Please read the link to get the details of the procedure.

Procedure for Expired Exit Re-Entry Visa for Dependents