Point System for Saudi Nationality – Score 23 Points to get Saudi Passport

Getting Saudi Nationality is not easy at all for expatriates. I would not be wrong in stating that it is second to impossible for expatriates to get Saudi Nationality unless she is married to Saudi National. In this article, I will try to explain the basic rules and generally understood principles to get Saudi Nationality. It should be kept in mind that the decision of granting Saudi Nationality solely depends upon the Ministry of Interior and sometimes they circumvent the rules to grant Saudi nationality to some people.

Wife of Saudi Husband will be able to get the nationality if she meets certain criteria which include the marriage term of 5 years, at least one baby and a certain number of points (17 Points) which are explained later on in this article. However, in order to get nationality, marriage must be approved by the Saudi Government. Saudi Government does not allow its citizens to marry with expatriates without getting permission from them.

Husband of Saudi Wife will not be able to get the Saudi nationality in a direct way. He must qualify through the following points.

Children of Saudi Father will be able to get nationality from the first day of their birth irrespective of where they are born.

Children of Saudi Mother will be able to get Saudi Nationality if they qualify for the following points.

Application to get Saudi Nationality of every Resident Person (Iqama Holder) including above persons is entitled to be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior if he scores at least 23 points from the given 33 points.

Residence of minimum 10 consecutive years to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 10 Points

Occupation of the applicant – 13 points

  • D. Degree in Medicine or Engineering – 13 Points
  • D. Degree in Other Sciences – 10 Points
  • Masters Degree – 8 Points
  • Bachelor's Degree – 5 Points

Saudi Relative of the applicant also earn points – 10 Points

  • Father is Saudi –  3 Points
  • Mother is Saudi – 2 Points
  • Mother and Mother’s Father are Saudis – 3 Points
  • Wife is Saudi – 1 Point
  • Wife and Wife’s Father are Saudis – 2 Points
  • 1 Saudi Children – 1 Point
  • More than 1 Saudi Children – 2 Points