Procedure to Renew Iqama Online in Saudi Arabia

Procedure for the renewal of Iqama has been eased up, Thanks to the integrated systems launched by the Saudi Government. Although, the manual system is still functional but soon there will be Iqama renewal only through the online system. Earlier, the procedure for the renewal of Iqama was complicated and you had to complete the application form, present the valid passport, submit recent photographs, attach a copy of the iqama and also submit original iqama for the renewal of Iqama. However, this procedure has been improved significantly now.  Now there is no need to submit all above-mentioned documents for the renewal of the Iqama. The Government Relations Officer or HR of your company can renew the Iqama online.

Obviously, he will have to submit the fee for the renewal of Iqama of SR 500. If you are living in Saudi Arabia with your family, Iqama renewal fee for employee and all its dependents is SR 650/-. Recommended: Payment of fee to Renew Iqama in Saudi Arabia

However, the cost of renewal of your iqama will be SR 1150 per annum if your wife is locally transferred to your Iqama. Recommended: Procedure to reduce Iqama Renewal Fee from SR 1,150 to SR 650

If you have dependents living in Saudi Arabia, you will have to pay dependent’s fee. We have explained the procedure to pay dependent’s fee in Saudi Arabia in this link. Recommended: Procedure to pay Dependent’s Fee for Iqama Renewal

They will also have to pay the fee for the labor office of SR 2,400/- if the number of Saudis in the company are less than 50%. However, this fee is expected to increase to SR 9,600 by the mid of 2020. We have covered it in detail in this link. Recommended: 8 Important Points about Saudi Budget 2017, everyone should know

Iqama must be renewed at least 3 days before its expiry. If an employer is unable to do it, he will be fined equivalent to the charge of renewal of Iqama i.e. SR 500. The fine is doubled in case of a second violation.

Residents of some countries like African countries (Ethiopia – Eritrea – Kenya – Somalia – Djibouti – Nigeria – Sudan) and Asian countries (Thailand – Nepal – Vietnam) have to provide the medical test report to renew the Iqamas. I have explained the procedure of taking the medical test in this article.

As soon as your Iqama is renewed, you will receive an SMS from the MOI informing you about this fact. You can also check if your Iqama is renewed by this link. “Check Iqama Expiry Date through MOI

Once the Iqama is renewed in the system, next step is to take the print the iqama or taking the Iqama in physical form. If you have already been given Muqeem card with 5 years validity, you don’t need to print a new card. Otherwise, you will have to print a new card.

For this, government relations officer of your company will come to you to take the Iqama physically. Do not forget to ask him to give you a print out from the system stating that the iqama has been renewed. Even if he says that the Iqama will come in few hours, take that print from him. You will also have to give photographs of your children to the GRO of your company. In case if you are stopped by the police or any other official authority, you can show them this letter. Most probably you will receive the new Iqama in a couple of days from the Government Relations Officer of your company. Now, you can also go to the Jawazat office to get the renewed print of Iqama. This option has been introduced recently.

Once the iqama is renewed, you need to go to your bank to give them a copy of the renewed Iqama. If you don’t do this, your account will be frozen. I have explained the procedure of unfreezing the bank account in this article. “Reactivate Frozen Bank Account

  • muhammad iftikhar

    What is the total iqama renewal fees for two years?
    Plz tell me any body.



  • Asad Hussain

    Dear steve, now mostly people have their muqeem card which is valid for 5 years however, it need to be renewed in the system every year…. i think the second last step to take the print of iqama is not valid anymore… why do we need the print if the card expiry is for 5 years…

    another thing is that, me and my wife, both has the muqeem card whereby the expiry of it mentioned as 1442 AH, but in actual company need to extend/renew it every year. please advise if my company renew my muqeem card in system than my wife iqama will be automatically renewed or do i need to perform something by myself…

    Asad H.

  • Teresa

    Thank you for this article, it is very helpful! Anyway I would like to ask if it’s really possible for my employer to extend my iqama for three months? As I’m planning to go on exit prior to my iqama expiration date feb 12, 2017. He said he doesn’t have enough staff at the moment and would like to extend my iqama three more months I’m afraid there’s no such thing, I’m worried that later I found out that he had renewed it for a year. So I’m curious about work visa three months extension. Thanks very much!

  • Valid point. I will update it.
    Iqamas of all your dependents are connected with your iqama. As soon as your iqama is renewed, their iqama will be automatically renewed.

  • Zeeshan

    Dear Steve,
    One of my friend Iqama expired more than 7 months ago but until now the company not yet renew his iqama. If the company doesn’t renew his iqama for more 5 months which will complete 1 year, what will be the penalty? as my friend planned if not renewed up to 1 year than next year he will renew by himself.
    How much amount my friend need to pay (2 year iqama fee with penalty or only 1 year iqama fee with penalty) and what will be the penalty.

  • Adnan Aziz

    Dear SteveI have muqeem card. i am working with my Sponsor ( Kafeel) can i renew my iqama online. or my only my sponser can renew my iqama. if i can renew my iqama online then what is the procedure? and what about fee??
    Thank you in advance

  • Disqusser Crossposting this as I believe it will help many people…

    The fees should not be 1150. Renewal of wife’s Iqama and any children SHOULD be free. If the fees are showing as 1150, please print the first form on on the left of this link ,

    The form is called ” طلب إصدار وتجديد رخصة إقامة ،تأشيرة سفر، نقل خدمات، إضافة تابع، نقل معلومات”

    Fill it in and go to Jawazat. For Jeddah, go to Alrehab Jawazat, not Kandarah. Location

    Also take with you, copy of wife’s passport and wife’s Iqama, as well as Marriage Certificate – عقد النكاح

    I have also attached an image to help you fill it. I filled mine in Arabic, but I believe the staff understands English as I saw him talking to someone in English.

    If you don’t want a headache, just pay one of the offices facing Jawazat 10 or 15 riyals and they will fill it for you in Arabic.

  • What was your progress? Are you successful in reducing the amount from 1150 to 650? Personally, I have been paying 1150 every year.

  • Disqusser

    Hello Steve, Yes…I just did it yesterday and it immediately changed…not even 5 minutes passed. I paid 650 through my phone while in the parking lot. What hurts is that I had been paying 1150 for 4 years and there is no way to get back my money for the previous 4 years

    Just take the form, take a number, and when you go to the window, give him the documents I mentioned earlier and tell him ” الغاء رسوم الزوجة”…..or “Removing wife’s fees”. One minute late, it’s done

  • hamid

    You can’t renew your iqama yourself. Only sponsor can do.

  • Thanks a ton! I will also do it.

  • Disqusser

    Did you manage?

  • Suleman

    Can I renew my iqama 4 months prior to expiration? Your response will be highly appreciated.

  • Kashif Javed

    Hi steve
    I am planning to go for vacation but iqama expiry is less than 4 months… Should i get exit reentry visa??
    Furthermore if i renew iqama do i have to pay only 650 for iqama renewal or its necessary to pay 2500 also of maktab amal to get exit reentry visa..
    Really appreciate your response

  • rhavkikz

    my iqama was expired this coming MAY 03,2017, but my due for annual leave is july 18, 2017, instead of vacation i will file final exit. as per our company if me plan to renew my iqama and going exit on july, i need to pay 2500 plus 600sr for work permit.

    my question is if i extend oct upto november any penalty impose my company?>

  • You will have to renew your Iqama to get Final Exit but it is the responsibility of your company to pay all these dues. CHeck this link for further details

  • rhavkikz

    Sir, see below mail from accounts..


    First of all, do not renew your iqama if you want to go
    exit. If your iqama expires you have to give two months notice from
    now. If you plan to renew your iqama and going exit on July, SR 2,500 for
    work permit and SR 600 = Total SR 3,100 will be deducted from your settlement.

    For your information.

  • How would he go without renewing Iqama brother? He can avail this facility only during the amnesty period. So, if you are willing to go back to your country during amnesty period, it is a different story.

  • Waqas Zaman

    Hi Steve
    My mom is under my sponsorship and my brother is under her sponsorship I want to renew iqama and jawazat asked me to do insurance only for my brother only but agency saying that must make insurance for my mom as well and that also should be under the same agency insurance which is my insurance (bupa) which cost more then 11000 sar anyone help me if I can do third party insurance?

  • mohammed mujeeb

    Dear Steve

    How to generate or apply for the exit reentry visa through ATM because my sponsor is delaying to issue the visa as i need to go emergeny vacation…

    Required detail explaination

  • You cannot issue your exit re-entry visa. Its your Kafeel who can do it.

  • Mujeeb Khan Faridia

    dear steve my kafeel pay all my iqama fee stel only renew option is not accountant is gone to sadan.i need iqama renew my self how its possible becouse i want to appaly for haj

  • Disqusser

    Not pressed? Clarify….

  • Gul Khan

    My Iqama sponsor is in red category. can I change without my Kafeel. If yes can you please tell me the complete process how to do it.

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