• Mohammed Rizwan

    Today I faced police in black uniform.
    They stopped me and asked my license and car documents. After checking the documents, without any reason they issued fine and handover the receipt to me, since I’m not able to speak in Arabic I didn’t asked them about the fine.
    Any way to dispute this fine ?

  • You should have asked them at least. Is there anything written on the ticket? At least you can ask from someone who is good in Arabic.

  • Syed Bilal

    You can not ask anything from them. Use one word at the end….. SHUKRAN. MAASSALAM ….. then wait for the message. You will recieve the amount which u need to pay. Welcome to Saudi Arabia 🙂

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Dear Steve
    What will be new fees of permenant visa

  • Tayyab Ahmed

    I am living in Madina. Mr. Steve Today I got a message from MOI MORROR for traffic violation but I don’t what is this about. Message state that: مخالفة تنظيمات السير على الطرق
    Violation is of SAR 150
    I checked the location which is in mountains of Madina where I never went. Is there any way that I can cancel this violation?

  • Syedahsan Zaidi

    Hi Steve,

    I was going riyadh there at Checkpost police stoped me and took over my license and istemara and gave me yellow slip for overspeeding at 160 KMPH on 12 August and ask me to sign a white paper to which there is something written in Arabic when i ask them what is it they said do it and in very bad tone so i did and they told me to visit any traffic police department after 10 days though i didn’t went as nothing is appearing on my MOI portal.
    Kindly can you advise me whether do i need to go to police station of i should wait for the ticket to appear on MOI.

    Best Regards.

  • I would appreciate if you can upload the screenshot of both tickets here so that I can further guide you about it

  • Mohammed Hussain

    Hi Mr Steve,
    Hope u are doing well,

    I am leaving in KSA from past 3 years till now my iqama is not renewed and i cannot take transfer of sponcership my ID(2335948127) as i was unknown who is my sponcer where he is because in between me and my sponcer one agent was there and from.past 2 years he is absent.i have tried a lot to overcome from this issue but of no use atlast i found my sponcer this ramadan2016 after talking to him he says that he has closed his company and from ministry of labour some issue is there because of that i cannot transfer renew or go exit to my home country i need urs help and solution please
    And one more thing i got from my sources is that from MOL exit(khuruj) is there on me

  • syed hamed

    what is the muroor office timing in Riyadh

  • Syedahsan Zaidi

    I only have one.. thats attached. For the other one they get the signature and thumb impression and take it back.

  • Adnan Imran

    I m getting 100 sar morror for wrong parking and I never did the park wrongly anywhere. .These people are charging haraam. In 2 weeks I got 4 fines. This is absurd

  • syed sadqeen

    I have registered the dispute on MOI website for a traffic violation. My question is how much time would maroor take to reply? or I have to visit the maroor office to sort it out.

  • zuber

    Assalam alaikum, please let me know what is the maximum time to recieve traffic voilation message on mobile or under iqama . iam expecting traffic violation message but iam not sure whether i jumped traffic red signal or not. i was in hurry, camera was flashed but exactly dont know it was for me or vehicle behind me . so please let me know the maximum time in which i recieve sms , its now 24 hours of incident.

  • hamid

    Normally 2 or 3 days.

  • saudidoug

    I got a 100 sar unlawful parking fine while I was overseas and my car was parked on my compound, no car number plate just my Igama number and a photo of the USA as location????? and my friends 12 year old daughter got a spending fine???? what a joke

  • Kamran Mahmood

    Dear i got fine a month ago 100 SAR for wrong parking, i paid fine 100 SAR today , amount deducted from my Al-Rajhi Bank Account but still 100 SAR is shown .. i paid 2nd time thinking may be this is another fine but still 100 SAR is there .. can some one tell me whats wrong, i think its a software glitch in between Rajhi & Maroor , Pls can some one help me out .. i have to renew my IQAMA ASAP. Pls HELP