• Michael jason josol

    U have to pay the fines before u go exit.

  • Michael jason josol

    How much is the fines? Do u have any idea?thanks

  • Usman Hameed

    Hi Guys,

    Just recently i get cleared my Traffic violation so i decide to write it for other person guidance.

    I got traffic violation last week, once i checked for MOI web site, the location showing to me was in Jeddah, while i have never been to Jeddah during that interval. So i submit the online traffic dispute. But for one week there was no progress, and you know after one month fine will be doubled.

    Hence i decide to go to Traffic police station, as i am living in Riyadh so i go to nasaryeh police station (24°39’20″N 46°41’11″E).

    Then i find the Saher system building in it and ask them to show the picture, they ask for the “Violation ID”; so must take it with you. Once have a good look on the picture shared we see the last digit of number plate was wrong. He give me one paper to fill (in arabic) about the dispute, simple details, like Iqama ID, Violation ID, and reason of dispute.

    Then you need to get it signed from that person and his mudeer, both in same building so the things were smooth.

    After submitting the singed paper within two days violation was cleared against my account.

    BTW online dispute is still under progress 🙂 …. so might be no body is checking the online disputes….

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. It will definitely help a lot of people Insha Allah!

  • adamx19

    hey steve, got a minute!!
    I was wondering if u could help me out with an issue ive got. Ive gotten my Bsc degree in Staffordshire university which is a UK university. However, the institute has a branch in Malaysia which ive done my studies over there in Malaysia, so where should i go for attestation since malaysia wont attest the certificate since its a UK degree? Would the saudi embassy in the UK be able to help?

  • zuber

    Assalam alaikum, please let me know what is the maximum time to recieve traffic voilation message on mobile or under iqama . iam expecting traffic violation message but iam not sure whether i jumped traffic red signal or not. i was in hurry, camera was flashed but exactly dont know it was for me or vehicle behind me . so please let me know the maximum time in which i recieve sms , its now 24 hours of incident…

  • Matloob Javed

    Assalam o laikum guys, i want some information about red signal crossing how much the actual penalty is? the second thing is when i crossed signal it was green blinks, it turns to yellow while i crossed the line(i m sure about this) and within no time it turns to red (normally it take upto 3 sec.). happened in makkah yesterday(Friday morning) i didn’t receive any message for violation up till now. what should i conclude either they will fine me or i am on safe side. the flash was single as some one told me that single flash is warning flash only. please reply

  • Sam

    Did you get any sms so far???

  • hamza

    Paid my traffic voilation of 400sr but 800sr had been deduced from my bank account.. how to resolve and get my money back.. thanks