• Muhammad Haseeb Sarwar

    Dear Steve
    i am here in Saudi Arabia since November 2015 and have valid resident permit. i want to ask if i perform Hajj this year then i will not be allowed to perform hajj in next 5 years. i have plan to bring my family on permanent visa after Hajj. is there any possibility that i can also perform hajj next year with my wife as her Mehram. please reply

  • Shayesta Ali

    Hi stave …how many days it will take to issue hajj permit after payment

  • Muhammad Imran

    I performed Haj in 2014. now I want to perform Haj this year as a mahram. I have check MOI site my wife eligible for Haj . can I perform haj with her as mahram

  • Hary

    Have you got any feedback, as I have the same case. thanks

  • Hary

    Salam, any idea of Haj as a Mahram. I have done Haj alone last year, this year I am planning to go with my wife. I know there is an option to apply as a Mahram but will they allow as I have done Haj last year.

  • Usman Jahangir

    Please advise as many of us are looking for the same. JazakAllah

  • Hary

    Any update on this ..

  • Hary

    any luck ..

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