Procedure to Claim Death Compensation of a worker in Saudi Arabia

We have already explained in detail the process of “Death formalities for expats in Saudi Arabia”.  This article is written specifically for the people whose family member dies in Saudi Arabia and they want to claim death compensation of the worker. It is very important to mention here that legal heirs of a worker in Saudi Arabia are entitled to get 4 kinds of death compensations. It is a complicated topic and we have covered it in the following link. Recommended: 4 kinds of Death Compensations of Workers in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to Claim Death Compensation of a worker in Saudi Arabia

Contact Embassy of your Country in Riyadh: If any of your family members has died in Saudi Arabia, you need to contact immediately to the Embassy of your country in Riyadh. If you are residing in Saudi Arabia, it is easier for you but if you are living in your own country, you may have to call them or contact the foreign office of the home country. They will tell you the following procedure to adopt. But it is very important to contact them first before starting any proceedings. The procedure may vary from country to country.

Legal Heirs Certificate: Legal heirs of the deceased person will have to submit a legal heir’s certificate to the Riyadh Embassy of their home country. This certificate should be issued by some statutory authority of your country e.g. Civil Judge or District Magistrate. It should be listing the names of all the legal heirs of the deceased persons and their relationship with him. If some of the children are minor, the name of the guardian and the relationship with him should also be mentioned. In the case of the wife, the year of marriage should also be included in this certificate. This certificate must be attested by the Home Department of the State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Embassy.

Power of Attorney: Now the next step is to hold someone responsible for the proceedings of the court. If you are residing in Saudi Arabia, legal heirs can assign anyone among them, they can assign any family friend or Embassy of your Country. In this regard, my personal suggestion is to assign Embassy for the proceedings of the court. Every embassy has a chamber of employed lawyers to perform this kind of services.  A Power of Attorney must be signed by all the legal heirs of the deceased persons in the name of Embassy of your home country in Saudi Arabia. In the case of minor children, it will be signed by the guardian of the children. Saudi Courts have a set format for power of attorney; you should not change even a single word from this format. The format for the power of attorney can be acquired from the Embassy of your country in Riyadh. It must be attested by the Home Department of the State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Embassy. Recommended: Power of Attorney for Death Compensation Cases

Attestation of Documents: Legal heir’s certificate and power of attorney must be translated in English and Arabic and both of them (translated and original) must be attested by 3 different authorities in your own country.

First of all, the local or provincial government of your residing State will attest it.

The second step is to get it attested by the Foreign Office in your country.

Third and the last step is to get it attested by the Saudi Embassy in your country.

Submission of Documents: When both of these documents are attested by the required authorities in your home country, these need to be submitted to the Embassy of your home country in Riyadh. After this, all the process of claiming the death compensation will be handled by the authorized embassy. How effective the Embassy is in making the successful claims is a different debate but I have provided you details of the procedure.

Important Shariah Rules: Any Non-Muslim legal heirs are not allowed to take anything from the inheritance of a Muslim deceased person in Islam. Even if it is Blood Money or End of Service Benefits, Saudi Government will not release any funds to them. Even if legal heir accepts Islam after the death of a deceased person, he will not be given any part of his inheritance.

  • MD Tabrez Akhtar

    Hii Steve. My brother got accident in Saudi arabiya. He was on working period. And his lost a right leg now he hospitalised. Then what he should do again plz reply. And let me I tell u he was standing front of one car that time two guys came and sitting a car he did back a car and he hit my brother. That time came to Saudi police take under two person now they are in police custudy. Then what he will do plz reply. And what he will take two type of insurance benefit. One from third party vaichile. Second is his body insurance from his gosi. And driver was do not have drivery licence also. Can he claim vachile owner for their party claim. Police already take a statement from victim. Police can do inform the traffic police and najam. Please reply.

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  • MD Tabrez Akhtar

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    Helo sir
    My name is pavan abbas my age is 24 may husbnd name qaisar abbas my husbnd death with car accident in sudia i have one boy baby after death of my husbnd his brother and mother and siserts all of them rude behavior with me and har brother Nazar abbas try to attempt with me and all of members try to kill may baby all of members wants me and my baby not get a fund and diyya and inshorens money and claim any els of money. My brother in law nazar abbas sel the hotle sudia rub in yamboo and my husbnd partner in hotle 50% .. And nazar abbas not give my any money and he submit applications in court and sfarat khana embessy not give fund widow only give fund his mother he run form sudia and he khrooj his visa plese help me i am very poor i am very worried and no any body my help plese you help me plese you contect me i provide every thing prove i widow of qaisar abbas

  • sahir

    hello sir.
    My father died a natural death in saudi arabia.
    The company is entitled for graduaty and life insurance.
    Am i entitled to het gosi bwnifits,too ?

  • sahir

    My father died while he was working in a pvt company in jeddah. The company is ready to give me end of benifits. But regarding life insurance they are delaying. Its been more than 6 months. Sometimes they says it will take two to four they are saying it may take year or two. Can someone please help me

  • Chandu Digari

    helo i want a help from you my father who died on a industrial accident in saudi arabia on 8 feb 2017 .as you explained to make POA i had attested it with state authorities . now to get attested it with ministry of foreighn affairs and saudy embassy in india , they will ask for the legal heir (which is my mom).please if you can help in this process it will be great helpfull to me

  • Jhorbumbz Silva

    Good day Sir ,
    I also have a concern with regard to the death claims of late father who died in a car accident in Najran Saudi last 2015 . My family did not receive a single amount from the company and this . Please help us .

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