Procedure of Final Exit from Saudi Arabia

I say it several times in my friends’ gathering that only thing certain in Saudi Arabia is uncertainty. There is another thing which is certain and it is the final exit for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. Irrespective of the number of years you spend in Saudi Arabia, you can never stay here forever. Now I am narrating the Final Exit Procedure from Saudi Arabia for the help of readers of this blog. A procedure is accompanied by the number of Dos and Don’ts which you need to consider before processing the final exit. If your employer has already processed your final exit visa and you want to cancel it, please refer to this article. “Procedure to Cancel Final Exit Visa

Dependent’s Fee: You need to pay the dependent’s fee for 2 months beyond the date you are applying for final exit visa before issuing final exit visa as the validity of final exit visa is 60 days. Let’s say, you are applying for final exit visa on 1st Shawal, you need to pay the fee till 1st Dhul Hijjah. I would recommend paying the fee till 5th Dhul Hijjah to be on safe side. If you don’t pay the fee, you won’t be able to issue final exit. Recommended: Procedure to pay Dependent’s Fee using Internet Banking

Resignation with Notice Period: You need to give notice to your employer for the number of days mentioned in your contract for the processing of your Final Exit visa. If your contract is silent about notice period, Labor Law suggests notice period of 30 days. We have detailed the rules regarding Notice Period under Saudi Labor Law in this link. Keep in mind; you have your End of Service Benefits with the employer so everything should be processed very smoothly.

Evacuation of House: You have to give at least 30 days’ notice to the landlord before leaving the house. Normally house rent is paid in advance for 3 to 6 months in Saudi Arabia. If you have paid the advance for the months you will not be living in Saudi Arabia, you should search for a tenant yourself. Introduce him with the landlord and take the remainder of the rent from him. It is almost second to impossible to get back advance money from your current landlord. When you are searching for another tenant for the landlord, you should search for a buyer who can purchase all your belongings as well. Obviously, you cannot get the same price from which you purchased it but it is still better to realize every single Ryal which you can. Rights of Apartment Tenants can be a good read for you.

Disconnect Landline and Other Post Paid SIM Cards: If you have any landline connection at your home under your name of STC, you must first deactivate the connection. You should deactivate it at least 15 days before processing the final exit visa. Procedure for deactivation of STC landline is very simple nowadays. You just need to call from your landline to STC and request him to deactivate your service on a permanent basis. He will ask you to pay a certain due amount and confirm that if payment is made, service will be deactivated within 7 days. You should pay that amount on the same day. If you have any mobile postpaid connection under your name, try also to deactivate it by paying all your bills. If some amount is payable in your name, you may have to face problem at the airport. You can check the phone numbers registered under your Iqama from this link. Keep sufficient balance in your prepaid SIM card before going to the Airport for the final exit. This will be your only source of communication in case of any problem.

Pay off Electricity Bill: Electricity charges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not too much. On average, one house receives around SR 50 – 100 electricity bill. It is better to pay it off before your final exit from Saudi Arabia. “How to Check Electricity Bill Online?

Traffic Fines & Tickets: If you have any traffic fines or tickets under your name, try to clear them as soon as possible. You can check them online at this link. I would recommend keeping checking it till the time you finally departure from Saudi Arabia.

Sell Your Car: It takes the time to get a good offer for the sale of the car. There was a traditional way that you go to Haraj with the car; there would be several buyers there who will give you an offer after checking the car. This is surely the quickest way to sell your car but you may not get a good offer there. When you have decided to go on final exit from Saudi Arabia, it is better to place an advertisement along with the pictures of the car and your intended selling price on Soon, you will be receiving offers from the buyers; you can show them your vehicle at your ease. If you don’t get a serious buyer and you reach to the last week of your departure, now it is the time to visit Haraj for a couple of days and get a good offer for the vehicle. Ownership transfer takes only one day so you don’t need to be worried about it. You can make it sure from your account on Ministry of Interior Website that the ownership has actually been transferred from your name to the name of the buyer. You should make it sure before your departure that the name has been transferred.

Surrender Your Credit Cards: Payable amount at your credit card can stop your departure from the airport. It is very important that you pay off all the bills on the credit card and deactivate them. If you don’t have any payable amount but a credit card is active, you can still face the problem. Credit card companies take some time to deactivate the card, so it is better to surrender the credit card well before the time of departure from Saudi Arabia.

Get Police Clearance Certificate: One of the mistakes people do when they decide to leave Saudi Arabia permanently means at the time of going on final exit visa is “not getting police clearance certificate” from the Police Department. I would suggest you not to repeat this mistake. I have explained the procedure of getting police clearance certificate during your stay in Saudi Arabia in this article.

Send the Important Belongings through Cargo: Before leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on final exit, it is better to send all your important belongings through the Cargo service to your homeland. They will charge you around SR 3-5 per KG for the cargo through Sea. If you are living in Jeddah, you can find such Cargo service provider in Balad. They will deliver the goods at your doorstep. Charges of air cargo are more than that which range to SR 8-10 per KG. If you are living in Riyadh, follow this link “Cargo Service from Riyadh

Withdraw all your Money before Processing the Final Exit Visa: It is suggested by everyone that before processing the final exit visa by your company, you should withdraw all your money from the bank. It does not mean that your bank account will be closed after final exit. Your bank account will be operating till the date of expiry of your Iqama. If you have internet access to your account, you can transfer some money even after your final exit to your Home country bank account. If your iqama has already expired but you have a valid final exit visa, you can show it to your bank and they will activate your bank account for one month.

End of Service Benefits: End of Service Benefits will be given to you after processing the final exit visa from Saudi Arabia. It is better to think before remitting your End of Service Benefits to your native country. You must have analyzed that the exchange rate used by the banks is lesser than the exchange rate you can get if exchanged in your native country. If law and order situation is good in your country, you can carry this money in cash and get better exchange rate. What is the maximum amount of money you can carry from Saudi Arabia? Read into this link. You should not be involved in any wrong activity at this point in time. If your family is going before your departure, you can hand over some amount to them and ask them to keep it safe in Bank account in your native country. If cash you are carrying is more than that, the remainder amount should be remitted through the bank. Even if your employer transfer End of Service Benefits after you have left the country, you can still transfer this amount to your home country account.

At the Time of Departure: Once the final exit visa is issued, you have to within the validity of the final exit visa. Keep in mind that validity of your Iqama is not more applicable now. Please do not overstay otherwise you will be caught at the airport and will be detained for several months. Always book the ticket of your final departure when you are sure that the amount has been transferred.

Stamped Final Visa: According to new facilities, many companies do not give final exit visa paper to the employees. As a result, this paper is not stamped by the immigration authorities. At the time when you try to apply for a new visa, some agents ask for the paper. Actually, these agents are not updated about the new procedures. Just ask them to process your case to Saudi Embassy. Saudi Embassy can check online if you have exited from Saudi Arabia through Final Exit Visa.

  • William


    I will be leaving Saudi Arabia on the second week of August ( 2016 ) on a final exit visa. My questions are the following :

    1) After the being issued a final exit visa, can I still withdraw money using my ATM bank card ( Saudi Hollandi Bank ) ?

    2) Since I had fully paid the personal loan I took from Saudi Hollandi Bank, will I still be required to show a clearance certificate from the bank for the loan I took ?

    Thank you and best regards,

    Jeddah, KSA

  • 1. Yes you can as far as you have not deactivated your bank account
    2. It is better if you ask your bank to provide you a clearance certificate for future reference

  • Tariq Ali

    Dear All,

    I’ll KSA within next two weeks on final exit. I have my wife with me on family visit visa. I want to take my family with me once final exit issued against my iqama.

    Is there any problem at airport if I’ll go with my family while having final exit on my iqama? If someone has such kind of experience then please share it as early as possible. It’s really urgent.

    thanks to all

  • Syed Sarwar Hashmi

    Dear Steve,
    my company have terminated me stating that dont have project. after then i have discussed with current sponser for transfer the sponsership. he was ready to transfer. when i get the job then i have submitted a demand letter to our current sponser before eid leave. after eid leave our new sponser start the process to transfer. when my new sponser make online request for transfer the iqama he is not accepting & make final exit. he give me notice period 30 days ( which was 30 junev)but cut my salary when i was absent for hunting job days. before 30 june i have submitted demand letter to our current sponser. he give me salary only upto 25th june with absentees days during hunting job, no any benefits. told me that i will not give any benefit if you get transfer. i was agree & didnot take any benefits. my contract was 2 years but he terminate it after 12 months stating that no project.
    kindly suggest me what legal action i can take . i need transfer sponsership.

  • William

    Sir, thank you for your prompt reply to my questions.

  • Syed Sarwar Hashmi

    Dear Steve,

    kindly suggest me. i am waiting your quick reply. i am in big problem.please help.
    my company have terminated me stating that dont have project. after then i have discussed with current sponser for transfer the sponsership. he was ready to transfer. when i get the job then i have submitted a demand letter to our current sponser before eid leave. after eid leave our new sponser start the process to transfer. when my new sponser make online request for transfer the iqama he is not accepting & make final exit. he give me notice period 30 days ( which was 30 junev)but cut my salary when i was absent for hunting job days. before 30 june i have submitted demand letter to our current sponser. he give me salary only upto 25th june with absentees days during hunting job, no any benefits. told me that i will not give any benefit if you get transfer. i was agree & didnot take any benefits. my contract was 2 years but he terminate it after 12 months stating that no project.
    kindly suggest me what legal action i can take . i need transfer sponsership.

  • William


    My friend, an engineer, was terminated from his employment, and has been waiting for 3 weeks now for his money ( from ESB and last month salary ) to be paid so he can fly home. But right now, he is at his villa waiting for the release of his money because the company does not have enough cash to pay him. As mentioned above, he has has already stopped working three weeks ago per the termination letter he received.

    I would like to know if he can ask his employer to pay him for the 21 days ( 3 weeks ) he waited for his money to be paid to him? Is there any provision in the Saudi Labor Law for this situation?

    Thank you and God bless.

  • dildar ali

    dear sir i came back from saudi arabia (2 months before) within 10 days of my arrival to saudi, my owner violates the contract then i refuse to work, he sent me back to India, but He did not gave me the exit paper, now i have an offer to work in saudi arabia, is it ok to get a new visa without exit paper from my last employer? if no, what is the solution?

  • Jpcera

    Good evening Sir Steve, ill be going final exit this coming September my problem is my stc dsl. Will there be any problem upon exiting ksa? Thanks!

  • Jpcera

    Good evening Sir Steve. I would like to ask a question. Will there be a problem when I exit and still have pending bill from stc dsl? And if ever I go back a year after, will I be put in blacklisted customers?

  • There will be no problem Insha Allah! However you should deactivate the connection and payoff all your dues to STC

  • Jpcera

    Im planning on taking eithrr exit or vacation. If i choose vacation and arrived back here again will there any confrontation from the migration area? Or will they send mails regarding my previous bill?

  • reena aneer

    unfortunately if you have no exit visa you can’t go back to Saudi Arabia, 3 years if I’m not mistaken.

  • reena aneer

    It’s ok not to renew your passport. However, for future preferences it’s better to renew it.

  • Jan Michael Aranas

    sir, im going for final exit within 3days.. i called the sabb bank to close my credit card.. but they say it will take 5 working days to deactivate it.. i already paid off all my balances anyway.. so there will be any problems regarding active card? thank you

  • Mohammed

    I have a query regarding final exit from Saudi Arabia.

    My wife and new born came to Saudi recently. Wife having permanent visa and baby was allowed to enter by mentioning boarder number in passport.

    Company is going to make final exit for me. Iqama for new born is not yet taken.

    Is it possible to return back by this boarder number or is there any any additional procedure?

    Please advise

  • Ronald maneng

    Hi steve i have question what is the latest policy or connection of bank to moi i was terminated and going back home but i have unpaid credit card can i go out of saudi arabia?

  • I am not sure. But I think you will have to apply for baby’s iqama to get final exit

  • unlike150

    There will be no issue, it will close automatic.

  • unlike150

    Please approach Embassy they can help you asap.

  • JT

    Hi Steve.. Are you sure about this .. I am in the same position. Would you have any article published on this.. Thanks in advance brother.

  • Yes I am sure!

  • JT

    Hi Steve.. Thanks for your response. Why I ask you if you are sure is because i was advised by my future employers that there has been a change in the law.. Are you able to clarify this. thanks again … really do appreciate it..

  • Sgt

    Plz help,
    I am on visit visa in ksa, we tried applying for my parents visit visa but got reply مراجعة فرع الوزارة مع اصل الاقامة والطلب واصل اقامة الزوجة
    My husband went to mofa with my passport but was told that they will need my iqama to issue visa for my parents.

    Is there anything that can be done or they dont issue visa to inlaws if wife is also on visit visa. Please reply asap thanks

  • kenneth

    hello sir, my iqama has expired last august 5, 2016 and i received my final exit visa last august 4, 2016. My company has deposited my salary in the bank today august 7, 2016 and i cannot use my atm to withdraw the money because my account has been freeze. How can I withdraw my money in the bank,, can i present my exit visa documents and passports, shall they accept this?

  • kenneth

    hi sir,, my iqama has expired but my company deposited my money in the bank and I already have my exit visa.. can i present my exit visa document to withdraw my money, shall they accept this?

  • kenneth

    hi sir,, my iqama has expired but my company deposited my money in the bank and I already have my exit visa.. can i present my exit visa document to withdraw my money, shall they accept this?

  • Charu Raman

    One Query:
    Is Closing or Freezing My Bank Account in Saudi Arabia Mandatory as per Rule before my Final Exit from the Country?
    Dr Charvakan

  • JT

    Hi Steve

    I have just received confirmation from the HR dept of my new employer stating that it is a new rule that upon final exit you have to wait a period of 3 months to re-enter on a new visa.

    Steve, would you have any material or source that states otherwise.
    Appreciate your help brother.

  • Do you have any material source to say this? Do not rely on what people say.

  • JT

    Hi Steve
    This is coming from a head of HR from a large FMCG company in the MENAP region. I can share the name of the company privately ([email protected]) with you. this is exactly why I was shocked when I have checked with numorous other sources and everyone has given me the the same answer you have.

    Is there a site where I can check if there has been an update to this law. I believe MOFA is the most relevant. However I have checked this site and have been unable to find any info on the same.

    Appreciate you help steve !!

    Thank you

  • haji Ishaq

    if there is any fee for final exit???

  • Abu.Ashhad

    try your atm and i think it will work…

  • Adil Kalave

    hi steve i have one question i work in saudi and finish my contract of 2 years and company promise me that they will send me for vacation after 2 months so i renewed my contract but now company refuses that statement and also they renewed my acama so can i now take final exit and any fines i have to pay to the company as acama fees or for contract

  • Gerardo Capilitan Jr.

    Dear Steve,
    Good Afternoon

    i have a question our company is just been closed just closed last two weeks ago August 17,2016 to be exact at Turkey Istanbul by their own government issues and freeze the account of all the bigbosses in their country and confiscated everything in the office at istanbul,our company name is AKFA Holding/Contracting, i am here right now at saudi arabia buraidah alqassim, we have on-going project as MEP subcontractor to a main contractor NESMA, we have backlog 3 months delayed salary, from June,July,August Salaries + End Payments + Ticket, right we our just waiting for our money, then go for FINAL EXIT or transfer if we find other companies.

    what we gonna do next move if our company suddenly closed in saudi arabia?

    thank you

  • melisa

    Hi Steve I want to emergency exit to my company but my contract is not finished I’m still 4 months here in Saudi but I want to go home to my country what can I do pls advice me thank you.

  • Akbar G Khan

    I have an issue because of which i am stuck in the KSA. I came here in August’ 2015, on a visa that i paid for in India, because the company that hired me, said that it will take too long for the process to complete and that they will pay for it. However, they did not and i ended up paying for it. They let me go just after 4 months, saying that they could not afford me and that i will have to pay for the Iqama as well. So, i paid for the visa, air ticket and the iqama, i received the iqama after waiting for 3 more months. Finally i landed in an excellent job, when asked for the transfer, the mandoob said, that i will have to pay SAR 7000.00 for the 7 months i was here multiplied by SAR 1000.00. So after delaying again and again for 3 months, i finally lost a very good opportunity. So i went ahead and asked my mandoob/kafeel to give me exit as i have a family to take care of, which i cannot without a job. After requesting again and again for almost 2 months, the kafeel finally told me today. that i will have to pay him SAR 2000.00 for the exit, ” no money, no exit “, those are his words, that he sent me on a voice message. My question is very simple, although i came on his visa, i never worked for my sponsor, he never paid me, as a matter of fact, i paid him again and again, and now that i want to go, because i do not even have money to feed myself, let alone my family, he wants more money. Forget religious or ethical, I just want to know, if this is legal what he is asking for?
    An answer from you will be much appreciated, as i have nowhere to turn to, no friends no relatives, no one, and my family is in dire straits.

  • Ch Hasan

    I am living here since feb 2015. Now i am fedup with this boring life i signed a contract for two years with my company and i have completed only one year of contract. I have everything my passport and my iqama with me. Now i just want to ask onething is there any way to go back to my home without telling my sponsor or my company.
    Can i get exit visa from somewhere else.?
    Your reply will be highly appreciated.

  • Syed Ali Ameer Shah

    What if someone has unpaid credit card bills? Will it create any problem for them at the airport?

  • shiv

    Dear Steve,

    I came to my country through exit reentry visa from Saudi Arabia and due to my personal reasons I am not returned to KSA and my reentry visa period was finished and my iqama is still valid for 2 months and my question is I have a month salary in my salary account and my ATM card is with my friend only so I can tell him to take my salary amount and transfer it to my account in my home country whether it creates any problem nethier for my friend nor for me to entering to another GCC countries in future kindly advice me on this thanks in advance

  • JT

    Hi Steve, salaams brother and hope your keeping well. I am trying to go on final exit and trying to transfer my SUV to another individual who already has a SUV. Do you know if there is any law in place which suggest that an expat is allowed to own just 1 SUV. Thanks steve,

  • Mary Jo Anne Salamania Hi steve,
    My current passport got wet on the empty pages. But the page with my visa and personal information are legible. And the empty pages dont have a tear. I will exit in 2 weeks. Will i be facing problems in using that passport? I attached pictures of my passport for you to see. Pls reply. Thank you!

  • There should be no problem at all if they are not torn up!

  • Mary Jo Anne Salamania

    Thank you steve! I am afraid because they might not let me exit. And because the people from the Philippine consulate are also not sure if it will be accepted. They wanted me to renew my passport instead. However it would still take 45 days or more for them to release the new passport. And once renewed it still needs to be updated to Jawazat. And I wont have the time anymore.

  • Do not worry about all this. You will be having a smooth exit from KSA

  • Mary Jo Anne Salamania

    Thank you so much for the assurance steve!

  • Daniel

    Hello Steve, here, i have seen a fantastic discussion about life in KSA . I really appreciate your help. I have one Question for you. please send me your answer. i know some one who was living in Saudi but she was run away and work somewhere, finally she exit from Saudi with hurub without jail to her country on July 2016 . Now she has married some one who has Iqama and work in Saudi .he just want to bring her Saudi but he has some dout…Is there any possibilty to her to come back to Saudi as a wife of the man who married her

  • Jau Vani

    Good evening Steve.
    I have a loan from Samba (24K) here in Riyadh KSA. I got a job offer in Qatar and my visa is under process. I would like to know if Samba would allow me to file for an exit and I’ll pay them once I’m in Qatar. I’ve been a good payer ever since and I just dont want to pass on this offer from Qatar. Is there any way that Samba would allow me to go on exit if I provide them any assurance letter that I will continue on paying them.

  • Dennis Caraon Cuarto

    Good day Mr.Steve I just want to ask regarding my contract here in ksa,i just came from vacation last July 2016 but my contract was already finished June 2016 and until now its almost 3 months still they’re not giving a new contract so ive decided not to renew it.My question is do I have to pay for a ticket or something because I already took my annual leave?thanks.. GODBLESS

  • Chikki

    Hello sir , i have adoubt about my fainal exit pleese give me answer sir. Ie, my contract with my company is 2 year,after 2 years i go vacation of 2 month and come back now 3 month finish from my com back now i want to go final exit after 2 month ,my iqama also expire on that time,i inform my company about my exit but they told me ur cotract is automatically updated for next two year from ur come back date so u cant go ,is it right sir ..i cant go exit ?

  • Chikki

    Hello sir , i have adoubt about my fainal exit pleese give me answer sir. Ie, my contract with my company is 2 year,after 2 years i go vacation of 2 month and come back now 3 month finish from my com back now i want to go final exit after 2 month ,my iqama also expire on that time,i inform my company about my exit but they told me ur cotract is automatically updated for next two year from ur come back date so u cant go ,is it right sir ..i cant go exit ?

  • DQ

    Good day Mr. Steve!hope all is well. Anyways i need some advise from you, im in trouble right with my company as they are keep holding my documents for exit the same thing with my last salary together with my esb. Im aware what was happening in saudi currently but it should not be the reason to hold up my visa and money from them. Its been almost two months that i am waiting and hoping. Please i need your advise as soon. Thank you very much!God Bless!

  • Antony Devassy Vadakumchery

    I resigned from my company on 28th August 2016 with a month notice period as per my indefinite contract which was signed at the joining time.Now company is not allowing me to go on final exit saying that Article 37 tells for all non saudis contract shall be of specified period and if not mentioned the term will have to stay up to Iqama expiry.I completed 5 years 9 months with the company and Iqama renewed 5 times since joining.please tell me will I get justice per Article 55 from the labor court.Please help me by replying as soon as Iqama expiry is Feb 2017

  • imtiaz ahmed

    Hello Ronald please let me know whats he replied with unpaid cradit card can we go for final Exit

  • imtiaz ahmed

    Mr.steve please help I have credit card with remaining balance one month ago company put Exit my credit already block so I can go will no problem on airport?

  • Mujahid Khan

    Hi Steve, can u please help me, i want to go india on final Exit, i am still in saudi on Azaad Visa(Aamil Aadi)
    I have been here since January 2016. But couldn’t transfer sponsorship & couldn’t join any good company.
    So i will do further courses of my Safety Feild Job, from India. & For a change will work there for 1-2 years.
    & In future i would like to come to saudi, or any Gulf country.

    My question is, do i need to take PCC? even for coming back to saudi or any Gulf Region? As i know very well, i dont have bank account here, i dont have car. Not even any Agreement.

    So Please reply.
    Thanks Steve

  • Ahmed

    Hi, Steve
    Hope this msg finds u well.
    I read your article & got many information regarding final exit procedure. I thank you for providing us such a wonderful blog.
    My question to you is ,I had applied for my final exit as per my contract which is before 30 days from contract finish date and the contract finish date is also passed.Now my employer is telling me that he has the right to keep me for two more months as per labor law. Is this right? or is he just making me fool & renew my contract. If he not provide me final exit after two months also, what kind of action I can take.

    Your quick reply is highly appreciated.


  • Extrime Francisco

    sir can u advise me…my contract was finished . my company extend me for 2 months.. but before xpired my iqama my company give my photo copy of my exit visa.. and now my iqama was expered only exit visa that i have if there a problem if i only exit that i have.. stay for 2 moths???

  • Ben

    Hello Steve,
    I will be exiting the country next month. My home country is India but I am flying to UAE on my final exit. Some of my friends raised doubts on whether I can only travel to my home country on final exit. I am so confused. I have already applied for my UAE visa. I am eagerly waiting for your response.


  • Aj

    Hi Ben,

    Last week I came to Dubai on visit visa from ksa butbut my visa is still valid of ksa, and I believe that you will not be having any problems to travel Dubai. they will only see the visa that you are carrying to ravel traveling, make sure the Dubai visa profession should be in sales representative or marketing executive, hope this information is sufficient for you. I’m not going to come back ksa. Hi Steve I have a question, can I get a final exit without normal procedure ? Can I ask my sponsor to make exit without my presence in ksa. ? Please let me know thanks.

  • mayson

    Hello steve i need your help, i apply for emergency leave and i signed the leave form and my manager told me to buy the roundtrip tickets and i buy it. Then day after my manager told the emergency leave is not approve and he keep my ticket. I need to go to my home country because my grandmother is dead.

  • Adnan Khan

    Dear sir,
    I want to ask you 1 questions please please answer me as soon as possible.
    I have bank loan from sabb bank and credit card from same bank dua to some personal issues I’m going to take transfer from my present company to another company the time of transferring can i face any kind of problems for my loan and credit cards.

    Thank and regards
    Adnan khan.

  • usama

    asalam o alukum
    i live in riyadh my kafeel give exit paper but my passport missed so plz whts procedure out pass in pakistan

  • Mike Orenia

    Please confirm if i got you right. You can have/avail final exit visa prior to selling your personal car condisering it is fully paid?

  • Ammar Sami

    Dear Steve,

    I will be really thankful to you for your kind information about my issue.

    1. I am on job now, my family is on exit reentry till 20 Dec, but i want to issue final exit to my family. what will be procedure. Can I do it online on MOI website.

    2. Should i bring in KSA or it will be done without bringing them.

    3. Is 3 years banned applicable on dependents….?

  • Javed Mirza

    I need urgent help. I came Saudi from India on 24/11/16 on driver visa. My kafeel is a lady. She did not take my trial on car ever and gave me khurooj. My passport is with her. She is not telling me when I have to go back.
    She did not give me any money. I haven’t any money to go back
    I am totally helpless.

  • kaif

    Good day Steve,

    I did not complete my two year contract time duration,can be applied for final exit

    my second question is if did not apply for final exit , that how may years ban they will imposed on me .

    Is this ban will be applicable on umrah/hajj visit visa


  • kaif

    Good day Steve,

    I did not complete my two year contract time duration,can be applied for final exit

    my second question is if did not apply for final exit , that how may years ban they will imposed on me .

    Is this ban will be applicable on umrah/hajj visit visa


  • German

    Dear Steve,

    4 years ago someone has stolen my Car and I filed one complaint into police station and got paper from police station stated that in Arabic “ Harami sheil the car “ , right now am planning to go final Exit but absher that vehicle is still under my name so is there any problem during my final exit time , if so how can I remove the vehicle from my abhser Account


  • I think the final exit will not be processed on your Iqama as long as the vehicle is under your name in MOI. You need to contact MOI bench in Jawazat for that. They will further guide you what to do.

  • Imran Farooq

    Hello Steve

    My final exit is expired Iqama is finished and company’s system is closed company did not pay my salaries and service benefits and they set final exit without paying
    I filed case in labor court case is getting longer I want to go my home is there procedure regarding this issue ?

  • Kulas

    Hi Mr. Steve,

    Good day!

    I bought a round-trip ticket last month (December 2016) for my March 15, 2017 vacation. Instead of going vacation I decided to go for a final exit on March the same date.

    Question: Is it a problem if I use my round-trip ticket while I am holding a final exit visa? (of course I am not going back to KSA)

    Hope you will help me with this matter.

    Thank you very much.

  • Yes, you can use this ticket.

  • Kulas

    Thank you Mr. Steve


    Sir 1 year 6 months back i came India from Saudi Arabia on exit re entry visa my visa and my iqama both are expired 1 year 4 months back now my kapil friend sent a New visa for me can i able to go Saudi Arabia now

  • Muhammad Sheeraz

    Hello Steve,
    Hope you are in good health.
    I have couple of questions, if you don’t mind:
    1. Can I come back after going on final exit. ( i heard about 2-year ban is that correct?
    2. I have indefinite contact, I gave my company 60 days notice period but they are not giving me final exit? any suggestion.


  • vaibhav mohakar

    Hello Mr. Steve

    I have one concern that my IQAMA is going to expire on 23 Feb 2017 and my company is not intended to renew the IQAMA because they would like to exit me on final exit in the month of April. They had discussed with me that they are going to mark final exit for me and i can stay up to 60 days after my final exit. Please help that can i stay up to 60 days after my exit VISA.

  • Mohammad Zafeer Hussain

    Hi Mr. Steve,

    Is there any possibility of canceling final exit visa for dependent after they departed from saudi, and bring them back on same visa/iqama without issuing new visa.

  • No. You will have to apply for a new visa following the same procedure you adopted at the time they were brought for the first time

  • Nomi

    Assalam o alikum friends
    I need information..
    Dear i came from Pakistan on Free visa . My Kafeel Going yellow. He can not process my iqama. I want to go back to Pakistan . I have i month valid . Can i go to Pakistan without kafeel permission? I have my passport nd my other documents

  • Hammad

    Hello Steve, i have one quick question. I am going on final exit and i have credit card from bank, I have paid all the amount but didnt cancel the card. Will it be any problem at airport at the time of final exit. I am not canceling the credit card as i have intention to come back to KSA after 2 months.

  • Hi Hammad, I have already replied back to your email.


    Hello sir I am going final exit from saudi arabia and I have riyad online virtual card and it have some money.i already applied to get back my money but still not back in my account.before back this money in my account if I will go final exit from saudi I wanted to face any problem in airport.

  • Lap Deathera

    Dear Steve,

    Good Day, i really need your advice. I am working in a Group of Companies. I started working in one of the company since 2008, but lately while i’m in my vacation they transfer me to another company without my consent. is it even legal for them to do such procedure?

  • Tarmeem Qasmi

    Dear Sir, Please have a look at my case.. I left KSA on nov 2010 and enroute from new delhi to my home town my documents along with passport stolen. I couldn’t return and got a job in delhi. continuing my job i got all my documents and passport ready. recently i got an offer from KSA. Now i have new passport what other i have to do to avoid any trouble in KSA. I didnt have any car, post paid connection or credit card in KSA.

  • Joyland

    A friend has been issued final exit yesterday, I want to know if he can stay in the Kingdom for two months before going finally.

  • joe

    i came 28april2017 freevisa saudi jeddah, due to some problem in home need to back in soon as tomorrow, how can i please, what is the procedure

  • Ghouse Mohammad

    Hello friends please guide or suggest me its very very urgent you responses would highly be appricated

    I have a car from Tamwily International Leasing company the car is Hundyai Elentra 2016 i have paid 12 installments now i got offer from Saudi Aramco and i have go on final exit so i went to the hundai office where my car was delivered one year back and meet the respersentive of the hundai the same guy who processed my car at the begining i told him that i m going on final exit since i got new job offee the guy asked me where did you got the job offer i said in saudi only with Aramco then he asked me do you have offer letter i said yes he asked me to show the offer which i showed to him then he asked me do you want to keep the car i said yes but i have to final exit and come on new visa then the guy said me just pay 2 months installements early go and come and contiune with the car and lease i asked him

    Is it possiabke to get exit visa with car still showing in my MOI absherr system as a co owner the replied me the Jawazat has nothing to do with your car since the owner of the is still TAMWILY you can go on exit and come back

    Now please suggest me is it possiable ti get final exit visa

  • JIbalal

    greetings sir, my iqama qill expire on July 28,2017, i want go for exit, so please advice me how many days before i can stamp for exit and after that how many days i can stay after exit even though iqama expired? thank you

  • Your employer can issue final exit visa within the validity of your Iqama. The final exit visa is valid for 60 days.

  • Makkah Shah

    Hello sir,

    My visa is expired and I’m leaving soon so do I need to get exit or I go to the airport they will give me exit?

  • Mohammed Saleem

    Is the police clearance certificate compulsory for family visa…?

  • Jaseer

    May i know how many days i can stay here after final exit taken and do we need iqama validity for that.
    eg. My iqama will expire on Aug 16 I am planning to do exit on 30th July and planning travel on sept. Can you please clariffy me.

  • Arslan Nawaz

    Hi did you fave any issue with your case when getting exit at immigration

  • Arslan Nawaz

    Hi did you face any issue at airport imtiayz in ur case

  • Hammad

    Hello Arslan, no i didnt face any issue , but i paid all the balance amount of credit card on safe side. I came back to KSA again and again using the previous credit card.

  • justsaying

    My baby who is now 6 months have already passport but we didnt make iqama as we are bringing her to india already next week. Is passport enough. Will the immigration officer allow us? Please i need definite answer asap. Please.

  • Saleem Shehzad

    I have the same problem…

  • Saleem Shehzad

    My iqama has been expired since 3 weaks, and I want to go on finat exit.. labour office told me that go the Riyadh Airport to get final exit visa from there.. is this possible or not?

  • FK


    Sharing my experience on Depedent Final Exit Visa

    July `17 Final Exit for dependent ; Jan`18 Iqama expiry ; Paid dependent fees (1 person) till expiry date i.e, 18-Jan`18)

    Transferred amount from Bank to Absher Account SR 674 ; (1-07-2017 to 18-01-2018 = 202 days)

    Issued Final Exit visa on 12.07.2017, amount deducted SR 240
    (SR 674 / 202 days = SR 3.33 per day ) ; [3.33 * 72 days = 240 SR] ; 72 days = 12 + 60 [Issued Final exit on 12.07.2017 + 60 days of visa validity]

  • Siva

    Am planning to send my family by exit by end of Jan 2018 and my Iqama renewal date by end of Dec 2017.
    If process the exit for my family for 60days by end of Nov 17 and then my company renew my Iqama, then is it possible that my family can travel by End of Jan 2018.

  • Giovanni Omictin

    Hi I’m carrejoy from Philippines. I Would like to ask about the minimum passport validity to apply final exit visa. Can I apply final exit visa with 5 months passport valid?
    Please reply. Thank you!

  • reynart

    Hello Steve,

    I’m now at two months in my employer. Salary is delayed for July2017. The same case with the June 2017 payroll. I’m still at probation period. Can I legally resigned and asked to be sent back home? The company is mess at this time.

  • Renelio Malinao

    Hi sir

    I’m now waiting for my benefits until now not given,ive just finished my contract last june 13,2017,but my employer told me to extent untill august 1,..He told me that i have already my exit visa but he did not give to me because i dont have ticket going to philippines,my iqama is already expired..almost one month waiting but there is no update..and my salary did not give from april to july 2017…
    I’m planning to go to ministry of labour for complaint is it a good idea to move in? Hope you can reply my question soon as possible..thanks…

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