Procedure to Renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration)

Car registration card (Istamara) is expired after every three years in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to drive your vehicle without having a valid vehicle registration under your name.

Here in this article, we shall provide you step by step detail of renewing your vehicle registration without any hassle. There are three steps of which you need to go through to renew the vehicle registration (Istamara).

Now you can also Renew Istamara Online, we have explained the procedure in this article.

Vehicle Insurance: It is also illegal to drive any vehicle in Saudi Arabia without having vehicle insurance. However, this law is not implemented to the full extent. Almost 50% of the vehicle on the roads of Saudi Arabia is not insured.

At the time of renewing your vehicle registration, you need to have at least third party insurance. If you want to go into detail of how can you obtain vehicle insurance in Saudi Arabia, please read this article.

Valid Fahas (Vehicle Inspection Test): It is also illegal to drive a vehicle without having road suitability certificate. But again, it is a law which is not implemented generally. Almost 70% of the vehicles are without Fahas on the roads of Kingdom.

You need to have a valid Fahas to renew the car registration (Istamara). If you need any guidance regarding renewing Fahas of your car, please read this article.

If you have both of the above-mentioned documents, next step is to pay a fee for the renewal of Istamara. You can pay it through internet banking or ATM card. It is very easy to pay it through Sadad Payments.

After paying your fee, you need to fill the form to renew the Istamara. This form can be downloaded from the website of traffic police.

As usual, the form will be in Arabic so you will have to take the assistance of some Arabic speaking guy to fill it. Required Documents to apply for renewal of Istamara are;

  • Filled form for renewal of Istamara
  • Valid Vehicle Insurance
  • Valid Fahas
  • Old Istamara (Copy and Original)
  • Iqama (Copy and Original)
  • Driving License (Copy and Original)
  • Print of deposit of Fee

If you have all the above-mentioned documents required for renewing the car registration, you can go to the Traffic Police office.  If you don't have form, ask from the reception guy for the form, he will guide you the procedure to obtain the form.

Take your documents to the reception and officer will ask you to sit down and wait for your turn. You will have to present the file to the counter at your turn.

If everything goes fine, you will be given a new card for vehicle registration in ten minutes. If there is any problem, you can fix it and come back for a renewal of vehicle registration.