List of Professions eligible for Family Visas in Saudi Arabia

We have given a list of professions who are entitled to enjoy a different kind of benefits in Saudi Arabia. It is very important to mention here that this list if for acceptable professions of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. There are some Iqama professions which are reserved only for Saudis. You must ensure that your Iqama is not one of them. Please find the list of professions reserved only for Saudis here. If your Iqama profession is one of them, you may have to change your Iqama profession. If you have already applied to change the profession of your Iqama, you can check the status of change of profession in this article. Following is the list of professions of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia which can avail these benefits;

List of Professions eligible for Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

Accountant / Accounts Verifier / Auditor

Accounts Manager

Administration Coordinator

Administrative Manager

Administrative Researcher

Agricultural specialist (General)

Air Controller

Air Hostess

Air Navigator

Air Transport Manager

Aircraft Landing Controller

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Aircraft Takeoff Controller

Aquatic Specialist

Archeological Director

Archeological Prospector

Archeological Researcher

Architectural Draftsman

Army Officer

Artist (Actor, Musician, Composer, Poet, Painter, Singer…..etc)

Assistant Engineer (All specializations)

Assistant General Manager

Assistant Pharmacist

Assistant Pilot




Aviation Guide

Aviation Technician

Aviation Trainer

Bank Manager

Bank Official


Banking Business Manager

Breeding Specialist (Animals/ Birds/ Bees)

Broadcasting Manager

Business lady


Captain of Ship/Cruise/Carrier/Steamship

Career Counselor

Chairman (All types)

Chairman / Executive Director

Chemist (All Specializations)

Chief Justice

Cinema Cameraman

Cinema Director

Cinema or Television Producer

College Dean

Commercial Broker

Commercial Manager

Company or Factory Manager

Computer Programmer / Computer Technician

Consultant (All types)

Consultant (All types)

Control Equipment Technician

Cooperative Society Manager

Correspondent (Newspaper/Radio/TV)

Cruise Ship Guide

Customs Clearer

Customs Specialist

Decoration Designer

Dental Technician (Fixing)

Diplomat (Members of diplomatic corps)


Earthquakes expert

ECG Technician

Economic Analyst

Electricity Manager

Employees at the Embassies in the GCC countries (Except

Engineer (All specializations)

Executive Manager or Director

Executive Secretary

Farm Manager

Finance Manager

Finance/Economics Expert

Flight Technician

Food Controller

Foodstuff Technician

Gardening Specialist

General Professional Trainer

General Specialist

General Supervisor

Geologist (General)

Geology Technician

Head of Prosecution

Horse Breeding Technician

Hospital Manager

Hotel Manager

Information Systems Expert

Institute Manager

Insurance Manager

Investment Manager





Lab Specialist

Lab Technician

Laboratory Manager

Land Hostess

Land Transport Manager

Lawyer / Advocate


Legal Expert

Legal Researcher

Library Manager


Maintenance Manager

Male or Female Nurse

Manager (All types)

Manager or Director of any government departments or

Marine Navigator

Marine Traffic Controller

Marine Transport Manager

Maritime Controller

Marketing Executive

Marketing Manager

Marketing Representative

Media Controller

Media Manager

Media Person

Media Specialist

Medical Analysis Specialist

Medical Equipment Technician

Medical Therapy Specialist

Medical X-ray Specialist

Microscopic Technician

Mining Technician

Ministry Undersecretary

Museum Manager

Nutrition Specialist

Operations Analyst

Optical Technician


Pharmaceutical Technician


Physician (All specializations)



Player (All sports items in a sports club)

President or Director of a Club

President or Director of a University

Press Photographer

Printing and Publishing Manager

Procurement Representative

Production Director

Professional Security and Safety Technician


Program Designer

Program Producer




Quality Controller

Quantity Enumerator

Radio or TV Transmission Technician

Referee (sports)

Regional Director

Religious person

Research & Studies Director

Road Controller

Sales Executive

Sales Manager

Sales Representative

School Manager


Secretary or Manager of Library

Ship Captain

Ship Maintenance Technician

Shop Supervisor


Special Needs Teacher

Speech Specialist

Sports Medicine Specialist

Sports Representative

Sports Trainer

Statistics Specialist

Support Services Jobs)

Surgeon (All specializations)

Systems Analyst

Teacher / Instructor

Telecom Technician

Television Manager

Theatre Manager

Tourism Agency Manager

Tourist Guide


Train Maintenance Technician


Travel or Tourism Agent

TV Cameraman

TV or Radio Programs Presenter

University Professor

University student

Veterinary Doctor

Weather expert

Well Drilling Technician

X-Ray Specialist

X-ray Technician

Zoology Specialist

  • Mohamed

    Dear Mr. Steve,

    One of friend missed his Iqama. he informed to his Employer. But they do not care and not taking any step. its already 1 month now. Is is possible to go to Jawazat personally to apply for new iqama without any paper from company?

    is there any other way to get it?

  • Jithin George

    Dear Sir,
    My Iqama Profession is Computer Networking Technician, is this profession eligible for Family VISA. Please Advise…

  • Lian Ramos-Buenaventura

    Hi… my husband is currently working in saudi arabia. He wants us to be there also so he’s applying for our residence family visa. He’s a technical trainer there in one of the private company.
    Is he’s profession is acceptable to apply for residece visa?
    Appreciate your reply…
    Thank you

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Do you forget Land Surveyor ?

  • Hamza Webb

    Can you expand on “religious person” please.

  • Mohamed Rasheen

    what about Electrical or Electronic technician ?

  • anil

    I am holding a valid Computer programmer iqama and I want t bring my husband from India

  • Owais

    My Profession is Junior Business Analyst , Can i get Family visa. Please respond to me ASAP.

  • Honey

    Hira plz tell your husband to confirm from ministry of labor nearby his area in Saudi arabia thanks

  • minhas

    Yes you are eligble if written on iqama (funi mechanic technician.etc

  • mohammed

    what is the best profession for MBA degree holders .
    i need to chg my profession please reply ASAP.

    jazakAllah khair

  • mohammed

    what is your profession now ? im also having mba degree (finance is not mentioned) same like u.

  • Mohammed Rizwan

    As per my experience,
    First of all you need to do is, get your IT related degree certificate and Marriage certificate attested from Saudi Embassy in India.

    Then follow the procedure guided in the below

    Link :

    Once you are ready to visit Istiqdam Office please make sure to arrange the documents in order as pe below.

    1) Istiqdam Appointment letter
    2) Family visa application filled with chamber of commerce,
    3) Company salary certificate with chamber of commerce
    4) Iqama copy
    5) Passport copy with VISA PAGE ( Front page, Back Page & VISA page )
    6) Degree certificate Arabic translation
    7) Degree certificate with Saudi Attestation from India (Original )
    8) Marriage certificate with Arabic Translation
    9) Marriage certificate with Saudi Attestation from India (Original )
    10) Wife passport copy
    11) 2000 Deposit receipt
    Make a Xerox set for all the documents arrange same as it is
    Because he will take the Xerox for all documents

  • Abu Yahya

    Is a teacher a suitable profession to apply for family visa. Also the sponser is a royal family member. Please advise

  • Omar Chaudhry

    plz help me my profession CCTV Technician can apply for family visa

    i have 3 Year AC diploma DAE

  • Fizan Khaleel

    Dear Gentlemen,
    I have profession of Architectural Draftsman, when I went to Istiqdam office today, the competent employee said it’s not eligible and rejected my application. Said only Visit Visa eligible. Whereas, here in the list it shows available. Competent employee who is sitting there is not read to listen you. What shall I do?

  • Mohamed

    Dear Mr.Steve,

    Can I take visit visa for my own sister and her childrens?

  • kashif hussain

    Hi brother, I dont have any certificate except intermediate and mariage certificate my profession is (funy kaharbayee) electrical technician so is it possible to apply parmanent visa. Please explain me how to proceed.

  • Mohamed

    Dear Mr.Steve,

    Can a women(age less than 25 )can come alone to Saudi Arabia under Umrah visa? Or any partner is required?

  • Mohamed

    Can I bring my wife’s brother to Saudi Arabia under Visit visa?

    Can I bring my own sister and her childrens to Saudi Arabia under visit visa?

    Please answer these 2 important questions.


  • Mansoor Ahmed

    Assalam O Aliqum W W – First Of All I Thank To Those Who Created This Very Informative Website.

    Second My Question Is: نجار مباني Is Eligible For Family VISA … (Istiqdam) Not Visit Visa >> ?


  • Vinod Thomas

    any update

  • Firoz Khan


    Could you pls tell me that profession ‘Amil varsha’ visa can change profession to Information Technology and it could be transfereable in job.

    Pls reply asap.


  • ahamed

    Dear Sir,

    computer program can apply for the family permanent visa with Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering with networking please reply me


  • Zuhaib Ali

    Yes. it can be changed.

  • Ramish Jan


  • Fizan Khaleel

    Thank You Muzammil to reply, will contact you shortly.

  • basit bhat

    how about car mechanic?

  • Fasi

    Hello Boss,
    Can you please tell that sales representative (مندوب مبيعات ) is eligible for Family Visa or not

  • Jafar

    Dear Jithin, You got any reply for this, im also in same situation… Please advice…

  • Waleed Meer

    Where can i get updated list from?

  • Prakash Nanu

    Hello, I am holding three year diploma in distance education certificate attested by ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of u.a.e. My company is planning to start new job in k.s.a.

    My questions,
    Is the distance education course is approved by Saudi embassy for stamping residence visa?
    Is the certificate attestation is mandatory for stamping residence visa?

    Please advise

  • Jithin George

    Dear Jafar,

    I didn’t get any reply..

  • Taseem

    Umair did u get family visa under same profession please guide me

  • Verve

    My visa category says ‘Advisor’. Is this on any list? Thanks.

  • Monus bhatti

    dear jithin

    is it possible to get computer network technician occupation on iqama without attested or bachelors degree

    thanking you in advance

  • Monus bhatti

    dear jafar

    is it possible to get computer network technician occupation on iqama without attested or bachelors degree

  • Monus bhatti

    can i have computer related profession on my iqama without attested or bachelors degree, currently am on family sponsorship and have 6 years IT experience

    looking forward to seek some kind guidance from you guys

    thanking in advance


  • Jafar

    Yes… Possible, they did for me…..

  • Monus bhatti

    Thanks jaffar for ur kind reply, means its possible to have this occupation on iqama without bachelors degree

  • Ali

    My company’s HR people are selecting profession “Maraqib ul Aam” for me which in English reads as ‘General Controller / Observer’ which they say is just like ‘General Supervisor’ which I can see in the list of approved professions for family Visa, I want to ask will it be okay to have this profession so there will be no difficulty in getting family visa

  • prabhu

    Kindly suggest me a suitable profession for BSc Mathematics which can bring the family here. my profession in iqama Mechanical Technician but I am working as an Administration Assistant now. is it can be changed to Executive Secretary? and is it match with my degree certificate. my certificate have all required attestations. Kindly suggest me a suitable profession and how much time will take to do this?

  • Badi ur Rahman

    Dear Rana

    Please make saudi Attestation to your degree then you can change your Degree any time the change of profession fee is 1000 SAR…

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    My higher diploma is attested from saudi embassy and from saudi foreign affairs

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    I send it with my representative he is saying they rejected

  • Badi ur Rahman

    Dear Rana

    Just go with your company HR Department taking Approval from your concern Manager and give your original Iqama and Passport copy to your company Public Relation Officer (Mandoob) He will do the rest……

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    I tried it twice I don’t know why Labour office is rejecting my request they are saying its diploma we need bachelor four year

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Kindly help me if you can in this matter

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    I tried it twice I don’t know why they are accepting my certificate even attested they are saying they need four year degree

  • Amjad Hashmi

    Dear Steve,
    I have profession is computer technician but my educational certificate is BS Computer Engineer. Is this profession is suitable for apply permanent family visa in KSA?
    If not then suggest me which profession is required??
    Waiting for your feedback.

  • Nevi

    Dear.. hope you are doing fine
    Am assistant mechanical engineer can i aoply permanent family visa in Saudia.


  • Md Tahir


    Any one got any idea that what profession I can choose with B.A. Honors (History)

  • Ali Asgher

    Suitable Iqama Profession for

    Bachelor of Commerce

    Any one suggest pls

  • H.Faheem Ashraf

    Anyone please answer that My profession Written on Iqama is “Building Electrician” (كهربائي مباني ) Can I apply for permanent Family visa? Thanks in advance

  • Muhammad Siraj

    Assalamualaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarqatahu,

    Dear Friends, Please can any one share latest list of professions for expats eligible for family Visa in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    And i’m holding the MBA-Degree (Marketing/HR) with complete attestation from Saudi embassy.

    can any one suggest me which profession would be best to change from Labor as per my MBA-certificates…?

    Please support me . Thanks

  • Nauman Malik

    Dear GM did you get any information ??? if you have any information kindly let me know

  • Nauman Malik

    Dear Prem did you change your profession to general supervisor or other relevent profession??? kindly let me know if you have any information.
    my problem is same…. 0591611561

  • Reygie Mocon

    My iqama profession is medical equipment maintenance electronic. i would like to ask if it is the same with Medical Equipment Technician?


  • Muhammad

    My Iqama profession was junior Systems Manager (my qualification is MBA-IT), when i visit for my permanent family visa (at iStiqdam office Riyadh) I have been rejected with the reason that my profession doesn’t allow me to bring my family on permanent visa. Now I have changed it as Computer Programmer, not sure will i get the family permanent visa now ?

  • prem

    Genarel controller not in the system so i changed my profession to muraqib aam it means genarel controller

  • Muhammad

    Hello, Today I got my family permanent visa (the yellow paper) on Computer Programmer Profession. So for IT guys, you could get your family visa (permanent) with Computer Programmer profession. All the best!!

  • Daud Sayed

    Hello Mr
    Stove..I ask a question sir. My Profession is air conditioning technician can I bring my family on visit visa……???? I need answer.. Waiting for you… Thanks

  • sher bahader

    Hello to All,

    My profession in my Iqama is Project Manager and
    as we knew that it is very good profession but I am really surprised
    that this profession is not listed in above list.

    So please let me help either I am eligible under above profession to apply for permanent iqama for my wife?

    thanking you
    Sher Bahader

  • Zeeshan

    Dear Steve,

    My profession on iqama is mentioned as general accountant. Can i apply online family visa?

  • Sri Chaitanya

    production of an observer in the paper can i bring my family pls give rpl

  • Please ask you HR to do it, and you need to 1000 for it in MOI

  • Jaya Prakash


    My iqama profession was given as General Controller and i am applying for family visa. My certificates got attested in India saudi embassy. Please let me know the current procedure to obtain family Visa. Is the certificate translation is compulsory to be done in india or i can do it in jeddah.

    Please reply

  • abu


    Did u change the professional
    If so may I know your changed prpfession for M.B.A degree.
    Did u got family visa

  • abu


    Can you please suggest me the profession for M.B.A degree holder.
    Currently I am holding executive secretary profession in my this is OK to apply for family visa.

  • Arqum Khan


    i am associate engineer in electronics (DAE) can i get permanent family visa for saudi Arabia.

  • Nibish

    Hi Steve,

    I have B.A. Degree in English Literature(Attested) & MBA (Not Attested). I am currently working as Business Development Professional. Can you please suggest a suitable Iqama Profession with family status. Current profession is Mechanical Technician.

  • Musab Ibn Ashraf

    Sorry for late reply. You might have known by now that you can. I have the same profession.

    If the visa stampled on your passport is General Accountant and it is not a change of profession from here, you can apply the family visa online and you will get it in 3 days like family visit visa. You have to pay 2000 riyals and then login to your absher account and directly apply. That’s it. No need to take appointment and wait in the goverment office.

  • Naeem Akhtar

    waalai kumusalaam yes you can dear

  • Naeem Akhtar

    yess you can bring your family on visit good luck

  • fahad hanif

    Salam I have Accounts Auditing Technician profession in my iqama can i get permanent family visa ?

  • Arqum Khan

    is it confirm Mr Naeem Akhtar for permanent family visa ?

  • Mustak Ahamad

    I am house driver can allowed permanent family visa.please help me

  • irshad khan

    Assalam alikum I am working a Restaurant as chef but my Iqama is labor I want to visit my family in Saudi Arabia plz help me thanks

  • Khalil


    I am appliying for same iqama. You can bring your family then or it is difficult?

  • shaheen Awan

    my iqama status is Labour but i am working as maintenance coordinator if change same as maintenance coordinator then can i get family visit visa

  • Usman Qamar

    What about “funny Kahrbaee” Technical Electrician?

  • Rahim B Qasmani

    Hi All,

    I have “marketing specialist” profession and i have MBA degree. my degree is atested from my native country saudi embassy. i want to apply only family visa but they redirected me to appointment system.

    someone can help me out in this issue?



  • Ryan Malawi

    Hi sir my profession in my iqama are sweet seller, can i apply a family visa to take my wife? Or i have to change my profession?

  • younusahmad

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.
    I want to know about suitable profession for B.Sc Computer Science in Construction Company. I have been working as CAD operator. But Profession in Iqama is ” GENERAL SURVEYOR”. Is computer programmer/ Computer technician profession is available in construction field. Thanks

  • mohammed aashique

    my iqama profession is “general electrician ”
    can i get permanent family visa ??

    PRO of company said that they can change my profession into below option
    1. computer technician
    2.electronics technician
    3. telecom technician

    i hold a bachelor degree in computer applications .

    kindly need your valuable suggestion

    which profession i should go for to get permanent family visa

    should i change my profession to any of above mentioned profession o i can get it with my existing profession which is “general electrician

  • Naeem Akhtar

    yes you can wish you good luck brother

  • ASanoj Abdull Abdullah

    Mr aashique,

    have you change the profession, i can know now the stop, its true

  • aslam k hasan

    Hi, My qualification is Diploma In Electronics and communication Engineering.. Which profession suits for me ??for permanent family visa Please suggest me


    good morning sir may i know about the which profession can call to there families. I want to know about it because of my profession is Technician but on my iqama profession is bina aam can i call to my family in Saudi Arabia on this profession plz give the reply me thanks & Regards and my mail ID is

  • Saju Nasar

    Hi sir, my profession is architect but i am working as safety officer. i need to change my profession to Safety officer, but I am in a free visa if i changed profession there is any issues like renewal or like that? plz replay

  • Syed

    AssalamuAlaikum Friends,

    My Iqama Profession is ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN, Can I apply for permanent family visa through Istaqdam?

    I hold Master of Commerce Degree and it is attested from Saudi Consulate. If Electronic Technician Profession is not eligible for Permanent Family Visa, which other profession is suitable for it as per my degree?

    Thanks in advance.

    Awaiting for a quick and prompt reply.


  • pavel novotny

    Electronic Technician is NOT part of the list profession to allow for Family Visit Visa. They do not care if you are doctorate degree in your home country, what they look at is your IQAMA profession. You better change it first as per above profession before you can apply for family visa.

  • pavel novotny

    Irregardless of your actual home country profession or job work is not the one that Matters but what is written in your IQAMA profession. Even if you are doctorate degree in your country but your IQAMA profession is laborer then you are not allowed. Better change your IQAMA profession first.

  • pavel novotny

    You need to be DEGREE in engineering not just only DIPLOMA (which I believe vocational 2 years course) before you qualify.

  • pavel novotny

    No you cannot.

  • pavel novotny

    Yes change first to Computer Technician before you can qualify. Your current profession of general technician is not allowed.

  • pavel novotny

    They do not care if you hold a doctorate degree in your home country. What matters to them is what is written in your IQAMA profession. Since it it marketing specialist, It is not allowed. Change it first as per above profession.

  • pavel novotny

    General Surveyor is not allowed but Computer technician is allowed. Change it first and yes it is available in construction fields.

  • pavel novotny

    Nope you’re not. allowed. Change your IQAMA profession first. That’s the only thing that matter irregardless of job work and educational achievement.

  • pavel novotny

    Nope. You’re not allowed. Change your profession first as per above profession.

  • pavel novotny

    Sorry but you are not allowed. change your profession first as per above professionals.

  • pavel novotny

    Sorry but you are not allowed. Only certified Accountant and Manager are allowed. Change your IQAMA profession first.

  • pavel novotny

    Change your IQAMA profession into Teacher / Instructor since you have MBA. Attest it first then change your status in order to qualify.

  • pavel novotny

    Is that what is written in your IQAMA? If that is then you are qualified. But I know so many Engineers in the Kingdom having Laborer profession on IQAMA which is not allowed. What matter is your profession in IQAMA. They do not care if you are doctorate degree in your home country.

  • tamoor ali

    my profession on iqama is network technician can i apply permanent family viza

  • Umair ****

    Can you please confirm ? can we bring family on Advisor Profession ?


  • Roomi

    My profession on Iqama is A/C Technician, I can apply permanent Family visa ????????

  • Verve

    Hi. Yes Advisor is considered a good profession and you can bring your family. In fact, can also apply for family permanent visa online (via your MOI account) without the need to book an appointment. This online route is much faster and no documents are needed. This was the case for me few month back.

  • Aafreen Raouf

    Hi all,

    My husband has a bcom degree and sales representative profession on iqama. Can he apply for family visa?

  • Nabeel s

    My profession on iqama is plumber,can i apply family visit visa?

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