Procedure after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa

Exit Re-Entry visa is issued by the Kafeel (Sponsor) for the expatriates to go outside the Kingdom and come back within the time specified in the Exit Re-Entry visa. If you need any guidance about the exit re-entry visa, I would suggest you read this article. A question arises, what if an expatriate is unable to come back to Saudi Arabia within the time limit specified in the exit re-entry visa. Here in this article, we shall put light on the course of action if exit re-entry visa expires.

Under normal circumstances, an expatriate whose exit re-entry visa is expired will not be able to enter to Saudi Arabia as his visa is no more valid. Now everything depends upon your Kafeel (Sponsor) and his will. If your Kafeel (Sponsor) is willing to bring you back to Saudi Arabia, there is still a chance that you can enter back to Saudi Arabia. The procedure of getting permission to enter to Saudi Arabia after expiry of exit re-entry visa will be following;

First of all, your Kafeel (Sponsor) has to make sure that your Iqama is still valid. In case, your Iqama is not valid, you have no chance of entering back to Saudi Arabia.

If your Iqama is still valid, you can enter back to Saudi Arabia within 7 months of expiry of your Exit Re-Entry visa. If your dependents are students, they can enter to Saudi Arabia within 13 months of expiry of their Exit Re-Entry visa. Period of 7 or 13 months starts from the date when exit re-entry visa expires. If this time period is expired, you are gone!

Your Kafeel (Sponsor) will have to go to Jawazat (Passport) office, fill an application and submit it to authorities along with a list of documents. There is a special form for this purpose. If this application is accepted, he will be given a Yellow Slip.

Kafeel has to write a letter to the Saudi Embassy in the native country stating that his employee has overstayed his vacation and he will highly appreciate if Embassy allows him to come back to Saudi Arabia. This letter must be stamped by Chamber of Commerce as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.

This yellow slip along with letter needs to be sent to your by courier by your Kafeel (Sponsor). This yellow slip is permission from the passport office that you can enter to Saudi Arabia. I am not sure about the fee Kafeel (Sponsor) has to deposit in this regard.

It is better to contact some overseas employment agent in your country, he will charge a little amount from you like SR 200 and process the case on your behalf.

After receiving the Yellow Slip in your country, you will attach all your documents including copy of passport, copy of Iqama, copy of Visa on the passport, a letter from Kafeel stating that his employee has overstayed his vacation, E-Ticket number which will be generated by overseas employment agent (it is an online application to embassy) and copy of the Exit Re-Entry visa which is expired. All these documents will be submitted to Saudi Consulate or Saudi Embassy in your country. For specific guidance, contact your Kafeel (Sponsor).

It is very important to mention here that you have to submit the original current passport as well as the passport on which visa of Saudi Arabia was initially stamped. For some people, it can be the visa of their mother.

When Saudi Embassy or Saudi Consulate stamps this visa (yellow slip), you will have to enter to Saudi Arabia within seven days. If you don’t enter to Saudi Arabia within 7 days, your visa will be permanently canceled. At this point of the stage, you need to be careful about some matters.

Contact Saudi embassy almost every day to ask about the status of stamp on your visa. As I already mentioned, you have to enter to Saudi Arabia within seven days of the stamp. So, every day counts.

Try to keep a ticket booked every time to Saudi Arabia. In case, if you face problem in ticket booking after the stamp from Saudi embassy, you can lose your visa.

If Exit Re-Entry visa of any of your dependent expires while he is outside KSA, you need to follow a different procedure since you are the Kafeel of the overstayer. This different procedure has been covered in this article. I hope this article was helpful for you. Please drop a comment below about your feedback.

  • Sultan

    My ERE IS EXPIRED. NOW I WANT to come back to SAUDI with new visa to new company.

    is it possible, or I need to wait 3 year as per last Arab news artical that if ERE expired they you are ban for three year.

  • riyazsardar

    Dear sir I have one doubt as per new rules family vist visa charge is 2000 sar for 3 months validity can we renewal for this one more time for 3 month what is the charge for rerewal.

  • Muhammed Nabeel

    When re-entry expired and Iqama is valid . As per the above mentioned Kafeel is trying for the yellow slip . This yellow slip can only summit in his country or can summit any Saudi Arabia Embassy or consulate .as my brother is from India But Weil he is in Dubai he came to know this issue please reply your knowledge
    Thank you

  • lesterwave123

    Who will pay the for re entry visa the employee or employer


    The validity of multiple exit reentry visa is 180 days from first exit date. I got multiple exit reentry visa in 18th May 2016. I went on first exit to Bahrain on 12th August 2016 and came back to Saudi on the same day. My multiple exit re-entry visa should be valid for 180 days starting from 12th August 2016 i.e. up to first week of February 2017. But it is showing expired on 11th November 2016. What should I do?


  • Anees Khan

    Hi Steve,
    I am in little confused about my family exit-reentry. My family is travelling on 1st August 2017 for 2 months exit re entry, Can you explain when will be the last day she can return back.

    There has been debate on it, some say that it is 29th Sep and others claim to be 30th Sep.

  • Anees Khan

    100 SR

  • Bakht Jamal

    Is it possible if I don’t come back to the same sponser I purposely expired my rentery permit then I get a new sponser can I enter saudi on new visa

  • Maria Angela

    If this is my case , expired reentry visa from Riyadh.and banned in riyadh, am I also banned in other gcc countries?

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