Procedure to Check Nitaqat Category (Color) of Kafeel (Red or Green)

In June 2011, Saudi Ministry of Labor introduced Nitaqat Law for Saudization. The purpose of the law is to provide employment opportunities to Saudi nationals ahead of foreign expatriates. This program classified the Saudi companies of the private sector into four categories i.e. Platinum, Green, Yellow, and Red. A company which is in Platinum or Green means that it has high saudization rate. Conversely, a company which is in Yellow or Red means it has low saudization rate. The benefits available to the companies in each category are different according to compliance with Nitaqat. If you want to know about the Nitaqat Law in detail, please read this article. Here in this article, we shall describe step by step, how to check Nitaqat Category of Kafeel by Iqama number.

First of all, go to the ministry of labor website and enter your Iqama number in the second box. You may also have to enter the robot detector code in the fourth box. You can click on the below line to go to that link.

If your status is normal, following message will appear on your screen indicating your name, kafeel number and Nitaqat status of Kafeel. Nitaqat status means your kafeel is in white, green, red or platinum category.

If your Kafeel is in Red or Yellow category, you can get the transfer to some other employer with Green or Platinum category even without his approval and consent. I have also explained the procedure in this article. “Process of Transferring Sponsorship if Kafeel is Red

  • Haneeb

    I need to change platinum to green is it possible ?

  • Haneeb

    Me am in platinum category I need to change to green category ist possible

  • Hassan Ali Zahoor

    My Company Is in Yellow i want to chnage my viza please if anyone need Light Car Driver Then Call 0595374300

  • Faheem Nazir

    i transfer one time from my old compny to new one now i want to change to my old compny it can b possible if my curent empoler not agree

  • hamid

    Old website don’t become open due to any technical issue and new website don’t give option of checking nitaqat status!!!!

  • Robert Jones

    When I check my company nitaqat I get the below message in arabic. نعتذر لعدم تقديم الخدمة نظرا لعدم وجود منشأتك فى قواعد بيانات نطاقات. English translation : We apologize for not providing the service because your organization does not have a domain database.

    I resigned from my current sponsor company 1 month with the consent of my sponsor. My sponsor said that he will accept my new transfer. Now when my new employer is trying to send the transfer request he is getting the same error as mentioned. Meaning I cannot do online transfer. When I checked with new sponsor he said that my or current sponsor closed the mol file and there is no information of the company online. He told me to get the transfer authorisation letter from my current sponsor. WHen i request my current sponsor for authorisation letters to do manual transfer he says I will not give you transfer. My iqama is expiring on 21st August, 2017. Also the current sponsor is not willing to renew my iqama. What the current sponsor is telling that you work with me and I will go to mol to reopen tthe file and renew your iqama. I dont want to work with my current sponsor because of salary and other issues. I want to get transfer to my new sponsor. Can you please let me know how do I get my transfer done in this case. Also, I am afraid my iqama is getting expired on 21st August, 2017. Mr. Steve, appreciate your valuable advice in this regard.

  • Aktar Hossen

    my kopil giving huroob can i cancel without my kopil permission.

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