Check Status of Transfer of Sponsorship through MOL

The current trend of giving electronic access to the general population of Saudi Arabia has made it very easy to check the status of change of sponsorship in Saudi Arabia. I remember, there were some days when it was not as easy as it is nowadays. You had to keep patience and wait for the government relations officer of your company to come and bring some happy news. Well, time has changed now and here we are going to explain how you can check the status of change of sponsorship in Saudi Arabia in a step by step guide. You can also check the status of change in sponsorship through MOI by following instructions of the following article. Recommended: Find Name of Kafeel Online through MOI

First of all, open Ministry of Labor website. There is no need to search for English version as it has not been provided by the Ministry.

Now click on the drop down menu and select second last option in the menu. As soon as you will select it, another tab will appear on the screen.

Now check the newly appeared tab and enter your Iqama number in the space provided. Enter the verification code shown on your computer screen.

Another screen will be opened where you can easily see the name of your current employer. If the name of the employer has been changed, it means your Iqama Transfer has been done properly in the ministry of labor records. Records need to be changed at Jawazat office as well. Your Iqama will be printed from Jawazat office once the records are updated there.

In case this message appears on your computer screen, it means that an online request to transfer sponsorship has been created by your potential employer but it has not been accepted by your current sponsor. It means that your status is under study. Once the request is accepted, the name of the new sponsor will appear here as it is shown in the above screen.

  • Rahimon

    to update in the absher the records in Jawazat system should be updated by paying sponsorship fees and request by the new employer

  • Rahimon

    it means ur old employer rejected the request to transfer the sponsorship

  • show case (nohatrip. com)

    my new sponsor was send transfer request to my old sponsor but my old sponsor labor login was block he can’t login. now prepare two letters (labor & jawazat) then attestation by chamber of commerce and he say submit to MOL they will conform the request. please replay is it ture.

    my old sponsor status was (light green) but his facing cheque dishonor case in court.
    pls. replay if any have knowledge of this sutivation

  • Muhammad Balal

    Dear Rashid,
    Based on your query above did you get any update. Appreciate if you can share with me because I am at the same situation. Thank you

  • Muhammad Balal

    Dear Mr. Steve,
    My sponsorship transferred according to MOL website and showing message same as first picture (Blue Highlighted) of this article. But transferred money is still there and My Absheer account showing my old sponsor name.
    Please guide what is issue and when the process will be completed. Thank you.

  • Wait for a week, it will be done within a week. If it is not transferred, it means Jawazat needs some further documentation and your new sponsor will have to visit Jawazat for that.

  • Muhammad Balal

    Thank you very much Steve.

  • DK

    My issue is even transfer money deducted 6000SR (3rd time ) and also new kafeel name is now showing on Absher but still after one week the new kafeel rukhsa amal not updated…and he cannot renew my expired iqama…please help!!

  • DK

    Folks….I have an issue after new transfer …new kafeel name is updated in absher and request approved in MOL as well as transfer fee deducted from my moi account but Still after one week of transfer the new kafeel MOL account is not updated and he cannot see my rukhsa amal to update and generate sadad number for lavy payment……1 week after transfer still shown old kafeel rukhsa amal?????he cannot renew my expired iqama please guide!!!

  • DK

    Old employer rejected or automatically expired after 1 month…..if ur kafeel is red put request from new kafeel after iqama expiry and u will be transfered immediately. ..