How to Check Originality of Saudi Driving License?

We have described in our article “How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia” the detailed procedures of getting Saudi Driving License. In this article, we shall discuss how we can check that the Saudi Driving License is original.

Although it is obvious that driving license handed over to you from the official window will be original, still some people want to check this. I have detailed good four ways to check if the Saudi Driving License handed over to you is original.

You can check the originality of your driving license by following the below mentioned 4 methods.

01-Pay your driving license fee yourself; never rely on someone else in this regard. Pay it through your internet banking. As soon as you pay it, check on the ministry of the interior website on the following link.

It will show you that you have deposited your funds “Ministry of Interior – Available Funds under your Iqama”. After paying your fee through internet banking, try to pay your fee for the renewal of a license as well.

This application will be declined. It means that you do not have any Saudi Driving License under your Iqama. Before taking your driving license, you need to check if it is original, there are four ways of checking this.

02-In order to check if your driving license has been issued, go to the “Ministry of Interior – Available Funds under your Iqama” again, if your license is issued by the Traffic Police, it will not show you any funds to your name. Available funds in your name will be Zero. It means your driving license is officially issued.

03-Go to the internet banking again and try to pay your Driving license renewal fee. This time, the system will allow you to pay your renewal fee which means your driving license is officially issued.

04-The picture on your Driving License will be the same as the picture on your Iqama.

Try to take the new driving license of any of your friend and check different watermarks of driving license authorities. Trace them in the driving license handed over to you.