List of Emails of Top 100 Companies in Saudi Arabia

We have observed that people in Saudi Arabia are facing problems regarding hunting jobs. While applying for jobs online, it is very important to plan your activity. If you keep on applying on a random basis, it is unlikely to get a positive response. At the very first step of applying online for a job, you should search for some renowned companies and apply there.

Big companies have larger employee base so there are more chances of being selected there.  One basic reason for not getting a job is not to apply for jobs properly. In our articles “How to Search Jobs in Saudi Arabia” we have explained in detail how you can search for jobs in Saudi Arabia. Among the ways discussed in that article, one is to apply for jobs online in Top 172 Companies.

Here in this article, we have given a list of Top 172 companies along with all their contact details including email address, career page, and phone numbers. I would suggest you bookmark this page and apply for some companies every day.

Asking for a package or accepting a job offer can be dodging for you if you don’t know about the average salary of your profession in Saudi Arabia, I have published an article regarding this from which you can take a guidance about the package to ask for. “Average Salary by Profession in Saudi Arabia

1A.A. Turki Group (ATCO)[email protected]
2Abdullah A.M. Al Khodari Sons[email protected]
4Advanced Petrochemical Company[email protected]
5Aggad Investment Group[email protected]
6Al Alamiya for Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
7Al Babtain Group[email protected] 
8Al Bayan Group Holding Co., Ltd.[email protected]
9Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker[email protected]
10Al Huseini & Al Yahya Trading Co.[email protected]
11Al Jazira Bank[email protected]
12Al Rajhi Bank[email protected]
13Al Sorayai Trading And Industrial Group Company[email protected]
14ALAHLI TAKAFUL COMPANY[email protected]
15Al-Ahlia Insurance Company[email protected]
16Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Services Co.[email protected]
17Ali Zaid al Quraishi & Bros.[email protected]
18Alinma Bank[email protected]
19Alinma Tokio Marine Co[email protected]
20Aljazira Takaful Taawuni Company[email protected]
21Al-Jouf Agriculture Development Co.[email protected]
22Allied Cooperative Insurance Group[email protected]
23Almarai[email protected]
24Alpha Trading & Shipping Agencies, Ltd.[email protected]
25Al-Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance[email protected]
26Alshamrany Industrial Group[email protected]
27Al-Subei for Money Exchange & Trade[email protected]
28Alsuwaiket Trade & Contr Group[email protected]
29Anaam International Holding Group CO.[email protected]
30Arab Supply & Trading Corp (ASTRA)[email protected]
31Arabian Cement Company, Ltd.[email protected]
32Arabian Pipes Company[email protected]
33Arriyadh Development Co.[email protected]
34Ash-Sharqiyah Development Company[email protected]
35Astra Industrial Group[email protected]
36AXA Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
37BANK ALBILAD[email protected]
38Bank AlJazira[email protected]
39Basic Chemical Industries Co[email protected]
40Bawan Company[email protected]
41Dar Alarkan Real Estate Development Company[email protected]
42Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Company[email protected]
43Fawaz Abdulaziz AlHokair Company[email protected]
44Filing & Packing Materials Manufacturing Co.[email protected]
45Fitaihi Holding Group[email protected]
46Golden Grass Inc.[email protected]
47Gulf General Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
48Gulf Union Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
49Hail Cement Company[email protected]
50Haji Hussein Alireza & Co., Ltd.[email protected]
51Herfy Food Services Co[email protected]
52Hoshanco[email protected]
53Jamjoom Corp for Commerce & Industry[email protected]
54Jarir Marketing Co[email protected]
55Jazan Development Co.[email protected]
56Jeraisy Group of Establishments[email protected]
57Kingdom Holding Company[email protected]
58M.S. Suwaidi Est. for Contracting[email protected]
59Mahmood Saeed Collective Co.[email protected]
60Methanol Chemicals Company[email protected]
61MetLife AIG ANB Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
62Mohamad Al Mojil Group[email protected]
63Mouwasat Medical Services Company[email protected]
64Nama Chemicals Co.[email protected]
65National Commercial Bank[email protected]
66National Gypsum Company[email protected]
67National Medical Care Company[email protected]
68National Metal Manufacturing and Casting Co.[email protected]
69National Petrochemical Company[email protected]
70National Pipe Co., Ltd.[email protected]
71Northern Region Cement Company[email protected]
72Petromin Lubricating Oil Company[email protected]
73Qassim Agriculture Co.[email protected]
74Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Co[email protected]
75Red Sea Housing Services Company[email protected]
76Riyadh Cable[email protected]
77Rolaco[email protected]
78SABB Takaful[email protected]
79SABB Bank[email protected]
80Safwa Cement Company[email protected]
81Salama Cooperative Insurance Cohr[email protected]
82SAPTCO[email protected]
83Saudi Advanced Industries Co.[email protected]
84Saudi Airlines Catering Company[email protected]
85Saudi Arabian Amiantit Co.[email protected]
86Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
87Saudi Arabian Mining Company[email protected]
88Saudi Automotive Services Co.[email protected]  
89Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC)[email protected]
90Saudi Cable Company [email protected]
91Saudi Chemical Company[email protected]
92Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
93Saudi Hotels & Resort Areas Co.[email protected]
94Saudi Industrial Investment Group[email protected]
95Saudi Industrial Services Co.[email protected]
96Saudi Integrated Telecom Company[email protected]
97SABIC[email protected]
98Saudi Pharmaceutical Indust.& Med. Appliances Corp.[email protected]
99Saudi Research & Marketing Group[email protected]
100Saudi Steel Pipe Company[email protected]
101Saudi Tourist & Travel Bureau, Ltd.[email protected]
102Saudi Transport and Investment Company[email protected]
103Saudi United Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
104Saudi vitrified clay pipes co.[email protected]
105Savola[email protected]
106SPIMACO[email protected]
107Tabuk Agriculture Development Co.[email protected]
108Taher Group[email protected]
109Takween Advanced Industries[email protected]
110The National Shipping Co. of Saudi Arabia[email protected]
111The Qassim Cement Co[email protected]
112The Saudi British Bank[email protected]
113Trade Union Cooperative Insurance Company[email protected]
114United Cooperative Assurance Co[email protected]
115EXTRA[email protected]
116United Wire Factories Company[email protected]
117Weqaya Takaful insurance and reinsurance company[email protected]
118Yamama Cement Company[email protected]
119Yanbu Cement Co.[email protected]
120Zamil Industrial Investment Co[email protected]