Procedure to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

In order to change your profession on the Iqama, you need to attest your degrees from Saudi Arabian Embassy of the country which issued this degree. In Saudi Arabia, the profession of your visa can be different from your actual profession. For example, it is possible that the profession in your Iqama is “General Labor” but you are working as Financial Analyst in a company. It is important to note that it is illegal to work in this way and it can lead to very harsh consequences which are described below. You may have to change your profession as you want to bring your family here on permanent family visa or family visit visa. The procedure to attest degrees for Saudi Arabia is explained in detail in this article. I would recommend you to read every bit of it in detail, otherwise you will be asking questions from others for something which is already given below.

Please make sure that name on your degrees is same as the name on your Iqama. It happens several times that while writing the name in Arabic on the Iqama, Jawazat people don’t care for this. My application has been rejected once because of the inconsistency of name on the Iqama and Degree. In this case, you need to change the name on Iqama.

The first step of attestation of degrees in Saudi Arabia is to get two letters from your company requesting Saudi Cultural Office and Saudi Embassy in your respective country to attest the degrees. Letters should contain your name, your current profession, your desired profession and your date of joining to the company. A current profession in the letter should be same as of your Iqama. Recommended: Sample Letters from Employer for Degree Attestation

There was a requirement to attest the above-mentioned letter from Chamber of Commerce and MOFA. But few readers have commented that this is no more a requirement.

After this, you need to send these letters to Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Office along with the degree.  Before, Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office, you may have to attest these degrees by some education commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your Native country. However, it is suggested to send original letters, a copy of your iqama, a copy of your visa, a copy of your passport and the original degree to someone you know in your country. Assign him to do this work for you.

If you don’t have any such friend who can do all this for you, you can contact some agents who do the same for some charges. They will charge you around SR 400 for the attestation of documents. According to recent changes in the degree attestation process, some embassies are asking for original passport of the candidate as well.

Once your degrees are attested by the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Office in your home country, you are done with the procedure of attestation of a degree from your home country.

Get your attested degrees back in Saudi Arabia and hand them over to your Mandoob in your company. He will do the rest of work. However, it is important to decide who will pay the change of profession fee. I think a change of profession fee is SR 1,000/- and it is a burden upon you if you have to pay it. As per Saudi Labor Law, this is the responsibility of your employer to pay it.

If you have Saudi Degree, there is no need to attest it to apply for a permanent family visa.

Consequences of having Different Profession

As it is already mentioned, it is illegal to have a different profession on your iqama, you can be detained in the detention center in case of any raid of Jawazat in your office.

Your application for a visa of other countries will not be successful if your profession is low profile.

You cannot get family status in Saudi Arabia. You cannot bring your family to Saudi Arabia on a permanent basis.

You cannot apply for visit visa for your parents, unmarried sisters and others.

I have also heard that you cannot opt for an automatic car while going through a driving test for Saudi Driving License if you have a profession like Labor.

  • Antee Cool

    Today i did attestation from saudi embassy in Nepal .as Steve mention the requirement -later from company but they don’t need anything just attests from university,MOF & MOEdu.that’s it.

    It took me 1 week only throw agent

  • Leader Guide

    Hi Sai,
    I’m in a similar situation. What worked for you finally. Kindly share your experience.

  • Pema Wanchuk Lepcha

    I also need to do attestation. Need hepl

  • Antee Cool

    Do following by yourself or assign someone to do in Nepal
    -attest ur bachelor’s degree from TU kirtipur
    -attest from ministry of education
    -attest from ministry of foreign affairs tripureswor opposite United trading
    -go to Saudi embassy near sital niwas maharajganj don’t go urself inside embassy there is agency outside embassy just give them they will translate in Arabic and submit to embassy
    -in couple of days attestation will be done

  • Mian Imran

    Dear Steve,

    one of my friend done bachelor of arts from university of Punjab Lahore Pakistan. His degree was attested from HEC, Foreign affairs and university of the Punjab Pakistan too. Saudi culture attache refused to attest his degree just because he appeared in examination as private candidate. please advise what will he do.

  • wake up call

    Good Afternoon
    Dear Mr.Steve,
    I have passed 9 papers of Acca and got Advance Diploma in Accounting & Business.My question is that can this diploma would be enough for permanent family visa if its attested from Saudi Embassy & culture London? My profession is (MANDOOB MUBEEAAT) “Sales Representative”. My BS Applied Accounting Degree would be coming end of december but i need urgent family visa now i have no time to wait for december. Please advise.

  • wake up call

    And i have recently heard that permanent family visa will be increased from SAR2,000 – SAR 5,000 effective from 1st Muharram. Is this true?

  • rose

    hello. i need my marriage certificate and degree attested for me to
    apply family visa, do i need coc and mofa attestation or mofa only?
    thank you for your help..

  • Verve

    Does your friend’s degree mention ‘private’ on it anywhere? Did you submit a letter from University? Did you submit the mark-sheets? Thanks.

  • javid

    Dear Steve,
    Please let me know that is it possible to get attestation of Saudi embassy from here Saudi Arabia instead Saudi embassy in home country Mumbai????

  • amjad ali

    Hellow to everyone.I just want to share my experience regarding degree attestation
    from MOFA is surprised for me that it is much easier as compared to Jeddah and Dammam.I visited MOFA office 2 times a week at 0830.first time for degree and second for marriage certificate.both time I took only 10 cross questioning by officer.just he saw original stamp of Saudi embassy from home country.just fill online form and pay 30SR from SADAD account.print payment detail and visit MOFA office.


    I have a BBA degree (Bachelor Degree in Business Administration) from Sikkim Manippal University studied under off campus in Abu Dhabi. is this degree certificate can be attested from Saudi Embassy ? I have already attested from UAE embassy. When i approach to an agent in India, they said private degree certificates cannot be attested from Saudi Embassy. I just want to clarify this point.

  • Yahya Ruman

    If the foreign degree is already attested by Saudi culture and embassy of the issuing country, then if you are applying job VISA from your home country then, do one need again to attest from the Saudi culture and embassy of home country?

  • Deladia D. Olivia

    hi sir,
    can i ask re the saudi culture attache procedure?
    how did you processed the attesttation of you TOR?
    I encounter this kind of rejection of my family visa application in MOFA. same as your bachelor no stamp of saudi culture attache situation.
    i just really want to know where the saudi culture attestation to be processed.

    please reach me thru this website:
    thank you very much!

  • Mohammed Irfan

    My name on my degree certificate is Mohammed Irfan & on my passport and Iqama it is Moolur Mohammed Irfan. Is it fine or what extra procedures should I go through?

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