How to Search a Job Abroad from Pakistan?

Nowadays, the situation of Pakistan is critically bad as far as job conditions are concerned which is why everyone is looking to search jobs abroad from Pakistan. Almost 98% of the youngsters want to go abroad after completing their qualification. People who have completed qualification are looking for foreign visas and jobs. The utmost desire to go abroad is at peak for the people who are illiterate or less qualified and living in villages or small cities where job opportunities are almost nothing. If you are already living in Saudi Arabia and searching for a job, I think it is better if you read this article. “How to Search for Job in Saudi Arabia” Considering this dilemma, I thought to write an article for Pakistani Brothers to help them to search job abroad from Pakistan. Mostly people are looking for the visas of foreign countries for which they have to pay a heavy cost to agents. In such cases, there is a heavy risk of fraud as there are many stories in Pakistan about this. So what is the best way to search job abroad from Pakistan?

Best way to Search Job Abroad from Pakistan: The best way is to look for the approved agents for overseas employment and recruitment by Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment of Pakistan. These agents have been given licenses by the government after making a detailed inquiry by the FIA of Pakistan. Bureau takes care of the approved agents and takes disciplinary action against them every now and then in the case of any report. There are almost 2,000 agents (list given below) which are approved by the Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment of Pakistan. This is obvious that all of them are not working actively but many of them are working very professionally, so what you need to do now is to call them at the phone number given in the list (you can download it from the link below) and ask about the abroad jobs of your relevant field.  Some calls would not be picked up, some numbers would be out of order and some calls would be answered but you will realize that this person cannot be of your help in the future but few calls would be answered very professionally and positively. Now you should tick on the Name of the overseas employment agent who answered you positively and saves this person in your mobile phone, this is the guy with whom you need to be in contact until your objective of searching job abroad from Pakistan is achieved.

In this way, may be out of 2,000 you would be able to identify only 100 overseas employment agents who are working professionally and can be of your help in future. Now you need to call them almost every month so that whenever any opportunity arises in the future, you get to know about it at earliest. You can make a list of them and call 2, 3 agents every day.

List of Overseas Employment Agents in Pakistan

How to avoid the Risk of Fraud: When you finally get an opportunity and the deal is ready, overseas employment agent may ask you to pay some money. This is a critical point, so you need to be very careful. If you follow the below-mentioned tips, the risk of fraud can be mitigated.

Check that the agent who is asking for money is one of the approved overseas employment agents by Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment of Pakistan. If he is not approved agent, it does not mean that he is a fraud, but you need to be more careful while dealing with such agent.

Try to renegotiate and reduce the amount of payment you need to make in advance. Try to convince agent that you will make payment just after reaching to job abroad, second option is to convince him to make payment after processing of visa on passport, third and last option is to make a little bit payment equivalent to amount required for processing of visa in advance and remaining payment after the visa processing. You should never pay full money in advance.

Try to find some mutual contacts with the agent you are dealing with. For example, if his office is in Sialkot, you should look for some friend or relative who live in Sialkot and ask them to enquire about that agent. In this way, he would be able to get some mutual contacts with an agent.

Always make payment through cross cheque in the presence of your mutual contact. Payment through cross cheque is always credited to a bank account which is a solid proof of payment. In the case of fraud, FIA would be able to track that person through his bank account easily.

Check from how many years that agent is working, a long stay at one place means that he has good repute and you can rely on him a little more.

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