• Shayur Nair

    Hi Steve

    Hope you can help me, i paid for my family visa fees threw my Riyad banking account, I entered my sponsor ID instead of my iqama number, and every time I try and refund the money from my Riyad band account it says “error transaction cannot be processed” how do I get the money reimbursed?

    Best regards
    Shayur Nair

  • Mayur Dessai

    Plz call on 0597275133 I will explain.
    Call after 5pm

  • Rameez Rasheed

    Hi all..
    I did apply for a refund and the pop up came saying it will take 3 working days and the available funds became zero.Usually how many days it will take to credit??

  • Abu Abdulrahman A.M.K

    I need help, i deposited 1000 sr for my change occupation in my iqama, my company have some issue in Labor.
    now i want to refund my money from moi. last time i make refund, and i got only 150 sr, remaining balance is 850 sr.
    how i can take my remaining money from moi? plss help me.

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